Food Supply Chain Software

Food Supply Chain Management Software

Our planning & optimization software spans the whole food supply chain, including raw material sourcing and negotiation, manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and stock management. In the modern food & beverages industry supply chain it is no longer sufficient to divide these functions and optimize them in isolation.

Our food logistics software enables an integrated approach which ensures maximum efficiency and co-ordination throughout the food & beverage supply chain:

Supermarket Logistics

Multi-depot integrated multi-temperature primary & secondary logistics

Dairy Supply Chain

Dynamic farm collection routing, processing & distribution scheduling

Food Service Logistics

Dynamic planning and fixed route optimization, driver & vehicle scheduling

Home Delivery Routing

Slot optimization and dynamic vehicle routing, real-time driver scheduling

Snacks Manufacturing

Factory line scheduling, demand forecasting and inventory optimization

Retail Supply Chain

Strategic supply chain optimization, inventory planning & forecasting

Drinks Delivery Planning

Route planning & optimization, dynamic vehicle scheduling

Frozen Food Distribution

Multidrop routing, delivery time optimization and trunk scheduling

Fast Food Deliveries

Real-time scheduling of vehicles & drivers, territory optimization


Food Manufacturing Software : Scheduling & Capacity Planning

Implementations of our software for food manufacturing planning have led to substantial savings for our customers in terms of improved manufacturing capacities, faster and better response to customer demand, lower stocking levels and balanced use of employees and resources.

The flexibility of our food manufacturing planning systems allows us to address optimization problems which are well beyond the range of standard, package-based scheduling systems. MJC²'s production planning software is designed to schedule very complex manufacturing operations which may have many independent or interdependent production lines producing thousands of different SKUs. It may be integrated with our food inventory software to balance stocking levels against known and forecast orders, leading to reductions in warehousing costs while balancing factory throughputs.

Food Distribution Software : Logistics & Supply Chain

Dairy Logistics Optimization

MJC²'s delivery planning and vehicle routing systems provide powerful delivery & collection logistics scheduling tools, automatically optimizing food transport operations while modelling operational rules such as load building and warehouse constraints, drivers' hours rules, vehicle suitability, load compatibility, time windows, processing & manufacturing requirements, etc.

Our vehicle scheduling software plans the entire distribution network, including deliveries, collections, inter-depot trunking movements, spot hire work, sub-contractors, backhauls, transhipments, etc. Integration with our dynamic dispatcher software enables real-time re-optimization in response to last-minute orders, delays, breakdowns, employee unavailability, cancellations, etc., while our mobile workforce scheduling software provides real-time data communication between drivers and the planning office, including proof-of-delivery (POD), driver de-brief and incident reporting. This approach is particularly applicable to highly dynamic environments such as milk supply chain operations, fresh food distributors and seasonal or weather-dependent businesses.

Our food industry software solutions are customisable and may be configured to accurately model and schedule the food industry supply chain, taking account of all business and operational constraints. Based on advanced optimization algorithms, our scheduling systems can produce detailed daily, weekly or monthly schedules within seconds or minutes, allowing the operation to respond rapidly to changes such as last minute orders or breakdowns while maximising efficiency and customer service levels.


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