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News & Press Releases

Latest news, developments and press releases from MJC²

SYNCHRO-NET - Smart Steaming Optimisation along the Supply Chain

SYNCHRO-NET - Smart Steaming Optimisation along the Supply Chain

Smart Steaming developed within SYNCHRO-NET helps optimise more than ship movements within the supply chain. Increased efficiency, reliability and visibility helps freight forwarders and transport operators.

SYNCHRO-NET - Synchro-modal Planning for Rail Freight Operators

SYNCHRO-NET - Synchro-modal Planning for Rail Freight Operators

MJC² and the Rail Safety and Standards Board have been working together to promote the modal shift to rail and other green transport modes.

De-stressing the supply chain through the SYNCHRO-NET approach

De-stressing the supply chain through the SYNCHRO-NET approach

MJC², London Economics, and Politecnico di Torino, in a collaboration with another 20 European organisations, have developed an innovative approach for "de-stressing" the supply chain.

SYNCHRO-NET Nomination at the Global Freight Awards

SYNCHRO-NET Nomination at the Global Freight Awards

SYNCHRO-NET partners, COSCO, have been nominated for the Sea Freight Award at the Global Freight Awards for their work with MJC² in SYNCHRO-NET.

Tackling Brexit Uncertainty & Supply Chain Resilience

Tackling Brexit Uncertainty & Supply Chain Resilience

MJC² has worked with P&G, BMT and the European Shippers Council on the CORE project, developing new supply chain resilience optimization software which has applications for shippers affected by Brexit.

SYNCHRO-NET Showcase in Valencia

SYNCHRO-NET Showcase Event in Valencia

Innovative synchro-modal logistics scheduling and slow steaming optimisation systems showcased at the SYNCHRO-NET Annual Conference in Valencia.

Cargo Security & Logistics Optimization

(Security = Efficiency)² - Cargo Security meets Logistics Optimization

MJC²'s innovative approach to increasing security in logistics supply chains has been used in containerised logistics, postal networks and air freight operations.

EUROSKY & Secure Air Cargo Optimization

EUROSKY & Secure Air Cargo Optimization

MJC²'s logistics optimization algorithms have been applied with great success to the tricky problem of integrated air freight transport planning, driving collaboration between hauliers, cargo handlers and airlines

SYNCHRO-NET @ Transport Logistic

SYNCHRO-NET @ Transport Logistic

SYNCHRO-NET was featured at the Transport Logistic event in Munich, covering smart steaming and synchro-modal logistics and how these innovative approaches affect global supply chains.

Synchro-modal Logistics Optimization Toolset

Synchro-modal Logistics Optimization Toolset

MJC²'s real-time logistics optimization systems enable synchro-modal planning of sustainable supply chains to reduce costs and increase reliability for retailers, manufacturers and shippers.

EUROSKY Air Cargo Logistics

EUROSKY @ London Heathrow

EUROSKY will present its innovative logistics optimization and cargo security systems at LHR, demonstrating how digitisation leads to massive improvements in efficiency throughout the supply chain.

Smart Steaming & Supply Chain

Smart Steaming in the Supply Chain

SYNCHRO-NET is developing innovative smart steaming optimization tools for shipping, integrated with multimodal logistics scheduling systems, to optimise the end-to-end supply chain.

EUROSKY Air Cargo Logistics

Cargo Logistics Optimization at East Midlands Airport

The EUROSKY air cargo logistics optimization software developed by MJC² demonstrated for East Midlands airport freight operations.

Port Optimization

Port Optimization by Synchro-modality

Synchro-modal logistics optimization meets intelligent slow steaming - SYNCHRO-NET can reduce congestion and increase efficiency for major ports and terminals.

Synchro-modal Logistics @ WCO

MJC² presents synchro-modal logistics to WCO

The SYNCHRO-NET project and the benefits of coordinated smart steaming and synchro-modal logistics to customs operations was discussed at the recent WCO PTC meeting.

SAFEPOST: Real-time Parcel Routing

Real-time optimization software applied to postal and parcel operations

Real-time scheduling systems have demonstrated massive operational savings and security benefits for parcel and postal operations, enabling dynamic automated response to real-time events while optimising the network.

Synchro-modal Logistics @ SIL


MJC², in collaboration with DHL, presented the SYNCHRO-NET project and the benefits of coordinated smart steaming and synchro-modal logistics to the SIL Barcelona conference.

e-Maritime Logistics Optimization

eMAR - major cost & environmental benefits for maritime logistics

The eMAR project has shown how real-time optimization integrated with the maritime single windows concept saves 10-15% for maritime logistics operators.

Synchro-modal Logistics Project Award

MJC² wins major synchro-modal logistics contract

MJC² is the leading innovation force behind a major (8 million euro) initiative funded by the EC to increase the benefits of slow steaming and synchro-modal logistics in the European and Global supply chains.

Real-time Container Logistics Presentation

Real-time Container Logistics @ Valencia

MJC² presented its innovative real-time container logistics scheduling system at the recent CONTAIN demonstration day in Valencia.

Fonterra Customer Service Award

MJC² wins Fonterra's Outstanding Commitment to Customer Service Award

The MJC² team has won Fonterra's prestigious Customer Service Award for its development and support of a real-time dairy logistics system that dynamically plans 500 trucks making 15,000 collections per day.

EUROSKY Air Cargo Logistics

EUROSKY Air Cargo Logistics Optimization

EUROSKY is an ambitious EC initiative to increase security and efficiency in air freight operations by applying innovative screening, data exchange and optimization technology.

MJC2 International Award

We Won! Containerisation International Award for IT Innovation

Our real-time container logistics planning software has won the Containerisation International Innovation IT of the Year Award.

Container Logistics Security

Security = Efficiency

The CONTAIN project shows how increased security can go hand-in-hand with reduced costs for container logistics by applying sophisticated tracking and optimization algorithms in real-time.

e-Maritime Logistics Optimization

e-Maritime Logistics Optimization

eMAR exploits the single windows reporting concept to optimize maritime logistics operations in real-time, delivering massive efficiency and environmental benefits.

MJC2 International Award

MJC² Nominated for International Award

MJC²'s container freight optimization software has been nominated for the Containerisation International Innovation IT of the Year Award.

Container Logistics Security

MJC² CONTAINs the Answer

MJC² is set to apply its World-leading optimisation solutions to the challenging and vitally important area of security in freight logistics.

e-Freight Multimodal Logistics

ReACTION in Favour of Rail Freight

ReACTION encourages increased use of greener modes of transport such as rail for container freight transport.

FLAGSHIP Container Logistics

Valencia Port Optimized with FLAGSHIP-RTS

MJC²'s logistics optimization software has been applied to the challenging problem of port operations planning and container scheduling.

MJC2 Scheduling Software

FAST Emission Reductions for UK Business

A new solution for saving fuel costs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions has been released by logistics software innovators MJC².

FLAGSHIP Container Logistics

FLAGSHIP Container Scheduling

MJC² unveils the first real-time integrated container scheduling and logistics planning solution.

IN-TIME Real-time Manufacturing Software

Just IN-TIME Scheduling for Timber Supply Chain

Real-time manufacturing scheduling and production optimization tools have been applied to the European timber supply chain.

IN-TIME Real-time Manufacturing Software

VISION for the East

Innovative e-collaboration and business optimization tools applied in Cracow.

Manufacturing Scheduling Software

MJC² ScheduleZ Faster

The ScheduleZ solution provides food manufacturers with faster more efficient production scheduling.


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