About MJC²

Real-time Optimization for the On-Demand World

MJC² was founded in 1990 and focuses on developing and implementing advanced planning, scheduling and optimization software systems.

Our solutions address areas such as distribution scheduling, strategic logistics optimization, real-time scheduling, advanced manufacturing planning, employee scheduling and staff rostering.

We offer solutions which cover all aspects of planning and optimization. Our planning software spans all time frames, from real-time scheduling of resources in response to continuously changing workloads through to weekly, monthly and yearly strategic planning.

Powerful Solutions to Challenging Problems

Our customers include some of the largest and most high-profile organisations in the World, and span a diverse range of industries and sectors. What they all have in common is complex planning or scheduling problems which require leading edge sophisticated solutions that go beyond the industry standard approach.

The key feature of the solutions we provide is that they have the power and flexibility to exactly match the requirements of our customers, even for very challenging problems and complex operations.

Whether it is scheduling 10,000s of logistics movements, planning very large manufacturing operations, managing 1,000s of employees or optimizing complex businesses at a strategic level, our tools have enabled our clients to make huge savings and efficiency gains while improving service levels.



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