Demand-Driven Logistics Planning Software

Maritime Logistics Optimization

The eMAR project has shown how the single windows concept, combined with demand-driven logistics optimization software, can lead to massive benefits for maritime cargo transport operators.

Demand-Driven Logistics Scheduling

The single windows concept drives much greater availability and quality of real-time data about cargo and transport resources in the multi-modal supply chain. MJC²'s real-time scheduling systems can exploit this advance to deliver very substantial benefits, both in terms of cost savings and reduced environmental impact.

Integrated Multi-modal Planning

The eMAR solution is believed to be the first with the capability to optimize multimodal operations in an integrated way, maximising throughput at the port and intermodal terminal while reducing wasted repositioning movements and resource "dead time". The conclusion from the eMAR project is that real-time optimization can save up to 15% of costs for transport operators, while delivering a similar proportional decrease in greenhouse gas emissions for hauliers.


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