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EMA & Cargo Handling Optimization

MJC²'s real-time logistics software and demand-led rostering systems will be applied to cargo handling operations at East Midlands Airport in March 2017.

Integrated Logistics Optimization

Ground handling is a complex, multi-stage, multi-stakeholder process, involving all actors in the supply chain. The MJC² solution has the ability to plan and optimize all processes in an integrated model, dynamically balancing and adjusting flows through busy terminals and facilities in response to real-time data feeds from tracking and booking systems. This enables cargo handling processes operate at maximum efficiency, ensuring good use of screening & handling equipment and corresponding personnel.

Demand Led Employee Scheduling

The highly dynamic nature of air freight operations presents many challenges in terms of planning and managing personnel. The MJC² demand driven rostering software enables forward planning of shift patterns and optimized real-time response to variations in volume and availability of staff.

Join us in March 2017

MJC²'s software will be demonstrated in East Midlands Airport in March 2017. If you would like to see the solutions in action please get in touch.

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