Cargo Security & Logistics Optimization

Security = Efficiency

MJC²'s real-time logistics planning tools have been applied to the ever more pressing problem of how to increase security at ports and terminals without adversely affecting throughput.

Solutions for container logistics, parcel networks and air freight have been developed, working closely with organisations such as DPD, Port of Valencia, East Midlands Airport, Correos, BMT and IATA.

Although these operations are very different, they share overlapping requirements in the following key areas:

  • Increased security without slowing throughput
  • Intelligent streaming of cargo to maximise efficiency
  • Leverage investment in e-freight & e-AWB technologies
  • Optimization of risk-based screening in "Big Data" scenarios
  • Dynamic resource scheduling: personnel & equipment

MJC²'s logistics scheduling and optimization algorithms have been used to show how these aims can be achieved in real businesses and operations:

CONTAIN - Container Logistics

MJC²'s optimization technology was used in the CONTAIN project to enhance the detection processes while simultaneously increasing operational efficiency.

Key to the success of the approach is MJC²'s real-time logistics optimization software, which is capable of tracking, processing and scheduling thousands of container movements in seconds.

This enables better throughput and flows in the port, supported by synchronised and efficient hinterland logistics operations.

SAFEPOST - Postal & Parcel Operations

Innovative new optimization techniques applied to postal logistics operations in the SAFEPOST project enabled increased efficiency and transparency in the supply chain, driving enhanced security while generating operational cost savings and improved customer service.

Sortation and hub flow algorithms allow greater control of routing of parcels through sortation centres, increasing security and efficiency, while linehaul and trunking networks can be optimized to increase resilience and reduce waiting times at main distribution centres.

EUROSKY - Air Cargo & Ground Handling Operations

The EUROSKY approach enables hauliers, cargo handlers and airlines to optimize their ground transport and handling operations while introducing new screening technologies and processes.

Exploiting the information made available in e-AWBs allows EUROSKY to drive collaboration between logistics partners along the supply chain, delivering increased efficiencies.

This results in more efficient truck operations to and from cargo terminals, and reduced queuing and congestion at main handling facilities, as well as improving security and visibility.



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