Real-time Container Logistics

Maximising ROI from Tracking

GPS tracking of containers is a substantial investment, but MJC²'s work in the Port of Valencia has shown that the benefits can far outweigh the costs, with potential for fast ROI if integrated with real-time scheduling software.

Optimization of driver activity leads to better use of driver hours and reduced empty running, while intelligent "smoothing" algorithms reduce congestion at terminals by integration with slot booking systems.

Real-time Driver Scheduling

The increasing issue of driver shortage in many parts of the World, combined with the challenges relating to sustainability, emissions and fuel costs, mean that optimizing driver assignments is more important than ever:

  • Utilisation of core driver hours can be significantly increased by dynamically allocating and re-allocating work in response to on-the-day events and changes.
  • Empty running can be reduced by intelligent optimization of load combinations, reducing wasted repositioning movements.
  • Overtime and night-out costs can be minimised by balancing workloads and automatically monitoring actual hours worked.

Queue Reduction

Congestion around freight terminals and ports is a growing issue. Slot booking systems mitigate this to some extent, but on-the-day operational issues can still result in queues forming.

The real-time information coming from tracking solutions allows the logistics operation to be re-optimized in response to such delays, reducing wasted hours spent queuing and taking pressure off the road network near the terminal.

Analysis of tracking information and container flows allows bottlenecks to be identified more quickly, so that new procedures or investment in infrastructure can be prioritised intelligently.

Algorithms in Action in Valencia

The recent CONTAIN demonstrator at Valencia show-cased a wide range of new technologies aimed at increasing efficiency and security in container logistics operations.

MJC² showed how its innovative real-time container scheduling solution optimizes multi-modal transport, using live feeds from container tracking systems about the location and status of each container.

The CONTAIN solution automatically interprets real-time tracking data while the container is on the road, comparing the actual activity against the plan. The system responds automatically to deviations from plan (e.g. traffic, delays, last minute orders), re-optimizing the logistics activity so that the operation is running as efficiently as possible at all times.



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