SYNCHRO-NET & Port Optimization

Reduced Congestion in Ports

SYNCHRO-NET is an innovative approch to de-stressing the supply chain, combining advanced synchromodal logistics optimization tools with smart steaming supply chain planning systems.

A major benefit of SYNCHRO-NET is the impact on the port: reduced congestion due to more intelligent use of multimodal options, combined with optimized berth allocation, leading to faster turnaround for ships.

Integrated Optimization

The synchro-modal logistics planning systems optimize the flow of containers through the supply chain, using an integrated model which allows all stakeholders to benefit. Real-time optimization in the terminal, combined with intelligent berth scheduling, increases throughtput.

At the same time, automated planning of multimodal hinterland logistics operations mximises utilisation of greener modes of transport and reduces queueing for trucks.

Real-time Smart Steaming Optimization

The SYNCHRO-NET smart steaming approach means that genuine opportunities for cost savings and environment impact reduction in the supply chain can be identified. Faster theoretically means cheaper but not if it is at the cost of reliability. SYNCHRO-NET optimises cost vs environment vs risk vs service. For example, why go full speed only to arrive at the port and wait two days for a berth? Collaborative ship-port optimization strategies maximise benefits for both parties.


Keywords: smart steaming - real-time logistics - supply chain optimization


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