Cargo Logistics Optimization

EUROSKY @ LHR on 8 March 2017

Heavyweight Air Express will host a showcase of the innovative cargo handling and screening solutions developed by the EUROSKY project at their London Heathrow offices on 8 March 2017.

Featured technologies include:

  • Real-time logistics & handling optimization software:
  • Integrated optimization of ground transport and handling operations at terminals
  • Advanced X-ray screening technologies:
  • Faster and more sensitive screening with increased throughputs
  • Single European Secure Air-cargo Space:
  • Digitisation of AWBs and documents for enhanced information flow
  • Automated threat assessment systems:
  • Machine learning and risk management systems



EUROSKY is a research project, partly-funded by the European Commission, to develop a Single European Secure Air-cargo Space. EUROSKY will deliver a high impact programme for improved air-cargo security and facilitation to safeguard international supply chains and the security of citizens whilst fostering international co-operation and a broad stakeholder engagement from all segments of the industry.

Resource Optimization

MJC²'s real-time scheduling software and resource planning systems form key components of the EUROSKY Ecosystem. The MJC² software plans and optimizes all processes in an integrated model, dynamically balancing and adjusting flows through busy terminals and facilities in response to real-time data feeds from tracking and booking systems. This enables cargo handling processes operate at maximum efficiency, ensuring good use of screening & handling equipment and corresponding personnel.


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