Air Cargo Logistics Optimization

e-AWB and Air Cargo Optimization

MJC², working in collaboration with 20 organisations in Europe, is participating in EUROSKY, an EC-funded initiative to increase security and efficiency in air cargo operations.

IATA is a welcome addition to the EUROSKY project, particularly in the context of the e-AWB initiative. MJC²'s real-time logistics optimization software, warehouse operations planning and demand led staff rostering systems can significantly increase efficiency for ground handling operations by exploiting the benefits that e-AWBs offer.

e-AWB (e- Air Waybill)

IATA's e-AWB initiative increases accuracy, confidentiality and efficiency in the handling and processing of Air Waybills. The availability of e-AWBs and the real-time optimization technology creates a "virtuous circle" which is expected to accelerate the uptake of both.

e-AWBs make information available more easily, which is used by MJC²'s software to create additional tangible benefits, which in turn encourages more organisations to adopt e-AWB, and so on.

(More information about IATA's e-AWB initiative is available here.)

Integrated Logistics Operations

Apart from the obvious administrative and efficiency benefits that e-AWBs offer, a further benefit is obtained by facilitating the integration of transport, warehouse and screening planning to optimize throughputs and reduce queueing.

Real-time optimization in the air cargo supply chain is challenging from the technical and organisational perspectives. However, the EUROSKY project has developed the concept of a Single European Secure Air-cargo Space which enables secure and reliable sharing of cargo data, using for example the e-AWB and e-Freight standards.

Combined with machine intelligence and dynamic scheduling capability, this results in massive benefits in terms of cost reduction and increased efficiency.



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