VISION Solution

VISION for Eastern Europe

An ambitious venture, using innovative solutions to create the connections between start-ups, investors and technology companies has been trialled in Cracow, Poland.

The objective of VISION is to create a web-based system promoting rapid reconversion and development in Europe, to increase competitiveness and therefore job prospects.

The VISION Virtual Incubator, a Europe-wide network, links potential industrial reconversion sites, start-ups, venture capitalists, technopoles and local authorities.

How does it work?

Through VISION, start-ups find customers in technopoles abroad and foreign participants find qualified suppliers in the Virtual Incubator area.

21st century technology allows highly specialised services to be performed by professionals many miles away from the contractors of such services. Examples are software programming, design activities in many areas, consulting etc.

However, the question of how suppliers can get organised in corporations (small or large) to offer their services, how they can find a location for their offices, financing for their start-up operations and obtain their first commercial contracts are immensely difficult (or, in many cases, simply impossible) to solve.

VISION addresses this by incorporating a number of different functionalities with a coherent user interface offering multi-lingual non-technical interfaces, a legal repository module and a company catalogue module.

Economic and Societal Benefits

Apart from the immediate benefits to the participants in a Virtual Incubator, VISION catalyses international cooperation and stimulation of trade and industry.

VISION create a Europe-wide brokerage solution which reduces the overall time that derelict or redundant urban spaces stay unused, while increasing local employment opportunities and quality of life for nearby residents.



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