EUROSKY - Real-time Air Cargo Optimization

Real-time Logistics & the Single European Secure Air Cargo Space

EUROSKY is an ambitious and highly successful initiative to increase security and efficiency in air cargo logistics. Perhaps one of the most innovative aspects of the EUROSKY project is combination of security enhancement and logistics optimization - MJC²'s real-time logistics planning tools have been applied to this challenging problem.

Integrated Real-time Optimization

The EUROSKY solution enables hauliers, cargo handlers and airlines to optimize their operations to deliver massive business benefits. Furthermore, the ever-increasing use of e-AWB allows the EUROSKY solution to promote collaboration between logistics partners along the supply chain, delivering increased efficiencies.

Queue reduction at busy terminals, increased throughput for cargo handlers, reduced costs for hauliers and increased utilisation for carriers are just some of the benefits. 4 major European airports have been involved in EUROSKY - Athens, Bologna, Lisbon and East Midlands. For more information please click the Download button below.



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