Customer Service Award

Outstanding Commitment to Customer Service Award

The MJC² team has won Fonterra's vendor award for Outstanding Commitment to Customer Service for the development and ongoing support of the real-time logistics scheduling system known as Genesis.

MJC²'s software plans Fonterra's entire milk collection operation in real-time, dynamically optimizing truck movements in response to the highly variable supply volumes and factory demand profiles.

Fonterra is the world's largest global milk processor and dairy exporter, delivering high quality dairy ingredients and a portfolio of respected consumer brands to customers and consumers around the world.

22 billion litres of milk are collected every year from 10,500 farms across New Zealand. Up to 15,000 collections are made every day by 500 trucks, delivering to milk processing plants and customers throughout the country.

A winning team

The Fonterra Vendor Awards provide a platform to recognise vendor performance excellence which supports Fonterra's vision of being the natural source of dairy nutrition for everybody, everywhere, everyday.

Key to the success of the Genesis project was the excellent working relationship that developed between the Fonterra Milk Collection Team and MJC², combining the in-depth knowledge of the schedulers and dispatchers and the strategic insight and experience of the management team with world-leading software and scheduling expertise. This team has worked together since 2006 to deliver ever-increasing levels of efficiency and service to Fonterra's farmers and customers.

Real-time Bulk Logistics Scheduling

In many ways the Fonterra milk collection operation is the ultimate real-time logistics scheduling problem. Milk volumes on farms are inherently unpredictable, so vehicles have to be dynamically routed, while respecting food safety and quality rules.

Similarly demands at factories and processing plants vary day by day depending on the requirements of the upstream supply chain, and bulk transport of processed products such as cream need to be integrated.

MJC² has solved this problem for Fonterra using its DISC and REACT scheduling software, configured to meet the demanding requirements of Fonterra's bulk milk operations.



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