Container Logistics Security

MJC² CONTAINs the Answer

MJC² has applied its optimization algorithms to the challenging and vitally important area of security in freight logistics.

Hundreds of millions of container movements take place every year, transporting goods through complex multi-modal networks.

While being vital for international trade, cross-border threats associated with terrorism, illegal immigration and smuggling are an important security concern for container operations.

The CONTAIN project is an ambitious undertaking which enhances container security at a global level. Involving 20 organisations ranging from security experts to logistics operators from Europe, and supported by the European Commission, CONTAIN addresses areas such as advanced sensors and detectors, intelligent monitoring and control platforms, and decision support & optimization systems.

Real-time Container Tracking

Container tracking technology has advanced rapidly in recent years. Positional information (e.g. from GPS) is enriched with data about temperature and humidity. Intelligent seals and door sensors can detect opening and closing of containers in real-time.

MJC²'s optimization technology provides an innovative way to further benefit from this increased availability of real-time tracking and status information.

Capturing the information is the first step of course, but for large organisations managing 1000s of container movements every day there is a danger that supply chain managers become overwhelmed with the volume of data, and cannot use it effectively.

AI-based Deviation Detection

This is where MJC²'s software provides the solution. A real-time logistics optimization platform is capable of automatically tracking, processing and scheduling thousands of container movements in a matter of seconds.

Integration with deviation detection algorithms allows the real-time optimization system to automatically detect suspicious container movements or activity.

For example, if the container takes an unusual, apparently inefficient route to its destination, or is opened in an unexpected location, security personnel can be warned automatically.

Drill-down graphical tools and reports provide detailed information about the history and contents of the container, as well as the status of the local transport network, to allow the security team to make a more informed threat assessment.

Increased Logistics Efficiency

The automated detection algorithms increase efficiency of security operations, but an additional benefit is logistics cost savings driven by the increased availability and use of the real-time tracking data.

Real-time positional information about the container allows more accurate scheduling of its multi-modal route to the final destination.

Similarly, the last-mile container haulage operation can be optimized dynamically, increasing opportunities for backhauling and container re-use while also planning effective repositioning of empty equipment.



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