SYNCHRO-NET Conference @ Valencia

Port Authority of Valencia, 27th September 2018

SYNCHRO-NET is an innovative EU-wide initiative focusing on applying synchro-modal scheduling and smart steaming algorithms to multimodal logistics operations:

  • real-time synchro-modal logistics optimisation
  • slow steaming ship simulation & control systems
  • synchro-modal risk/benefit analysis statistical modelling
  • dynamic stakeholder impact assessment toolset

These solutions will be showcased in Valencia on 27th September 2018, highlighting the benefits to industry, customers and the environment.

Why Should I Attend?

SYNCHRO-NET is truly "multi-stakeholder", with something for everyone involved in the supply chain:

  • Rail Freight Transport
  • new AI algorithms and systems to optimize rail freight operations
  • Ship Operations
  • real-time "smart" steaming - reliability and fuel efficiency
  • Hauliers & Drivers
  • advanced real-time scheduling and driver hours optimization
  • Ports & Terminals
  • AI algorithms applied to queue reduction and increased capacity
  • Retailers & Manufacturers
  • end-to-end "de-stressed" synchro-modal supply chain optimization
  • Customs & Borders
  • increased visibility and control & optimization of resources
  • Public Stakeholders
  • de-stress the supply chain: reduce GHG emissions and congestion

How do I Register?

SYNCHRO-NET is co-ordinated by DHL. Please email to register.

Still not sure?

For more information about MJC²'s real-time synchro-modal logistics algorithms please see our SYNCHRO-NET summary, or take a look at the SYNCHRO-NET website.



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