Third Party Logistics Software

3PL Optimization Software

MJC² provides marketing-leading real-time vehicle scheduling and driver planning software for distribution networks and third party logistics (3PL) operators.

Our solutions are designed to address large, complex operations for which it is necessary to adopt an integrated approach to planning and scheduling to achieve real savings.

Our dynamic vehicle planning systems are capable of automatically rescheduling very large operations in a matter of seconds, enabling continuous optimization of network activity in response to real-time events.

  • integrated logistics, real-time transport scheduling
  • real-time vehicle routing and scheduling
  • demand led rostering and shift pattern planning
  • staff planning, dock scheduling and queue reduction
  • network and resource allocation optimization
  • backhaul scheduling, consolidation optimization

Logistics Planning Software

Our distribution scheduling software DISC is designed for large, complex operations that require integrated logistics management solutions to address challenging planning and optimization problems.

DISC automatically schedules and reschedules distribution networks in response to varying demand while modelling all required business rules and constraints. Our distribution scheduling and vehicle routing systems have consistently out-performed the market in terms of quality of output, flexibility, speed of scheduling and ease of use.

MJC²'s dispatch scheduling software REACT is able to automatically schedule and reschedule 1000s of vehicle movements in seconds, assigning work to drivers and vehicles in real-time in response to events such as last-minute orders, vehicle breakdowns, delays, etc.

Vehicle Route Optimization

MJC²'s vehicle routing systems can optimize delivery routes, collection rounds and distribution operations on a real-time or strategic basis. Our route optimization tools can be used for forward planning of delivery or collection runs based on forecast demand and customer service agreements.

Dynamic re-optimization on a daily basis enables efficient response to volume fluctuations and allows ad hoc orders to be included. Our road haulage software can model a very wide range of business rules and can take account of complex cost functions and optimization constraints.

Driver Rostering

MJC²'s staff scheduling solution ROCS provides tactical and strategic level planning of employee shifts based on expected or forecast demand.

Driver rosters and shift patterns can be optimized to take account of factors such as WTD, annualised hours, driver agreements, seasonal variations, complex working time patterns, etc.

Long-term employee rosters can be calculated based on forecasts, while shorter-term shift start times can be optimized based on actual orders and hours worked.

Warehouse Operations Planning

DISC includes warehouse planning modules which address assembly, sortation, load planning, laneing, consolidation and cross-docking activity.

Yard and gatehouse operations are also modelled to generate an integrated logistics plan which considers transport and warehouse constraints, and our real-time scheduling modules enable warehouse activity sheets to be updated dynamically through the day.

ROCS provides demand-led rostering and shift planning functionality that allows warehouse shift patterns and staffing levels to be optimized in based on forecast volumes and capacity profiles.

Strategic Logistics Software

SLIM provides planning and optimization functionality for long-term what-if or scenario modelling, addressing issues such as ideal fleet profiles, optimal allocation of resources to locations, capacity planning, strategic acquisitions, etc.

SLIM is used for calculation of strategic route plans and schedules, as well as determining the ideal configuration of logistics networks and the location of new distribution facilities or warehouses.

Shared Fleet Optimization

DISC enables 3PL operators and hauliers to maximise the efficiency and productivity of their fleet and employees, automatically planning efficient combinations such as tramping, backhauls, return loads, consolidation, multidrops, etc. to minimise empty running and maximise fleet utilisation.

All operational constraints such as time windows, product compatibility, vehicle capacity, driver hours constraints, etc. are modelled to ensure that the resulting schedules can be automatically distributed to drivers and logistics operators. DISC is easy to use and integrates complex, multi-depot operations to ensure cohesion and efficiency across the network.



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