Mail, Postal & Parcel Logistics

Parcel & Postal Logistics Optimization

MJC²'s planning and routing solutions have solved some of the most complex scheduling and optimization problems in the postal and express logistics sector. We provide powerful, flexible express software solutions which can plan and optimize all aspects of the network on a strategic or real-time basis:

  • strategic route planning - real-time routing - driver scheduling
  • linehaul scheduling - resource optimization - driver rostering
  • hub optimization - real-time dock allocation - yard scheduling
  • real-time planning - GPS tracking - dispatch scheduling
Parcel Delivery Scheduling

We provide integrated software solutions that model all relevant aspects of the network, including depot operations, hub sortation, PUD activity, inter-modal movements, haulier assignment, linehaul, trunking and vehicle/driver routing. This ensures that the resulting schedules take account of all necessary operational rules and constraints and can be applied in a straightforward manner even to very complex operations.

Pick-up & Delivery Scheduling

Our parcel routing and delivery scheduling software provides strategic and real-time solutions for the optimization of PUD operations. At the strategic level optimized routes and territories can be created for drivers and vehicles, maximising utilisation and service levels while adhering to time windows and depot capacity constraints. Our strategic network optimization tools can calculate the ideal assignment of customers or territories to depots, or determine the best location for a new collection facility.

In real-time the scheduling software can dynamically re-plan in response to daily fluctuations in volume and last-minute orders, using live feeds from POD and GPS tracking systems to maintain an updated view of the operation. Our real-time parcel delivery software can manage thousands of vehicles and delivery/collection locations and is ideally suited to large, complex parcel and express operations.


Express Logistics Linehaul Planning

MJC²'s linehaul optimization software creates trunking schedules for linehaul movements between collection/delivery depots and sortation centres. Our express logistics planning software can model complex networks, including multiple sortation centres, regional hubs, international freight, intermodal operations, direct customers, B2B, B2C, etc.

Our parcel & mail logistics software toolsets are designed for very large express and postal networks that need to address the challenges presented by ever-increasing pressure on costs, demand for environmentally sustainable solutions and a continuously evolving technological landscape driven by new initiatives such as tracking technology and hybrid mail. Typical applications include:

  • Scheduling of linehaul and trunking operations
  • Optimizing the location of new sortation or distribution centres
  • Calculating ideal fleet profiles & employee work patterns
  • Planning express linehaul driver rosters and warehouse/hub rotas
  • Analysing parcel tracking data to estimate future demand profiles

All relevant constraints are modelled, such as deadlines, vehicle capacity, sortation capacity, labour availability, commodity type, service levels, carrier schedules, bulky items and driver shift rules.


Hub Sortation Software

Our hub optimization solutions enable sortation centres to maximise throughput and increase efficiency through better planning of resource utilisation:

  • Linehaul scheduling: strategic optimization to balance throughput and prioritize urgent traffic, dynamic allocation of ad hoc movements to minimise cost and disruption to operation, optimization of hub and vehicle resources through the sortation period
  • Hub staff rostering: shift planning for warehouse/sortation personnel and drivers, job allocation, employee hours balancing against forecast demand profiles
  • Door/dock allocation: real-time allocation of trailers to docks based on deadlines, freight type, priority loads, etc. while taking into account hub capacity and availability of sort teams
  • Yard Management: shunter scheduling, trailer planning and reduction of congestion around the hub/depot by reducing unnecessary movements and smoothing the profile of activity through the day


Courier Tracking & Dispatch Software

Our courier software solutions are capable of optimizing thousands of transport movements in seconds, and can respond dynamically to real-time events such as delays, last-minute schedule changes, congestion, etc.

MJC²'s real-time dispatcher software can schedule and re-schedule courier movements in real-time, receiving information such as location (from GPS systems or courier tracking systems) and consignment status (from parcel tracking systems) to automatically update the transport schedule and re-issue it to drivers, continuously optimizing the operation as the day evolves.

Benefits of implementing our courier routing software include reduced distribution costs, more efficient use of vehicles and drivers, more efficient operation in depots and sortation centres, increased adherence to schedule and more flexible, dynamic customer service. Our software for courier dispatch (REACT and MOBi) provides visibility across the operation and can automatically reschedule delivery routes in response to real-time events. The courier plan is displayed using graphical charts and configurable reports and can be issued in real-time to drivers and sortation staff.



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