Demand Forecasting Software

Forecasting Software

The i-Data software toolset provides demand forecasting and capacity planning for logistics, manufacturing and supply chain operations:

  • sales forecasting system - demand planning - trending
  • predictive analytics - behavioural interpretation
  • inventory forecasting - capacity analysis - load forecasting

Demand Planning and Forecasting

Based on historical sales or demand data, i-Data creates strategic-level long-term demand forecasts which can be used for capacity planning, as well as shorter-term estimates of demand which can be used for tactical or operational planning of manufacturing, logistics and staffing.

i-Data uses a wide range of load forecasting systems and analysis techniques, and can be configured to take account of business-specific rules and trends.

The demand/sales forecast planning and reporting functionality is driven by powerful and intuitive graphical user interfaces, and integrates with ERP and legacy databases via configurable APIs.

i-Data integrates with solutions such as SLIM (supply chain forecasting), PIMSS (production forecasting) and e-Stock (inventory forecasting) to facilitate logistics, manufacturing and replenishment planning.

i-Data is typically used for business forecasting applications such as resource balancing, logistics optimization, manufacturing forecasting or long-term employee planning.

Big Data Analytics and Predictive Optimization

i-Data allows users to tap into the ever-increasing availability of data to help the business make better, informed decisions. Combining new sources of big data with existing business analytics information provides insight into customer behaviour and demand profiles.

Predictive Analytics tools enable real-time analysis across business domains, converting unstructured enterprise information into complex, rich datasets to create new models that drive business efficiency while decreasing costs and improving customer satisfaction.

Key to i-Data's success are its data interpretation algorithms which are configured to determine information trends and patterns which are relevant to the business.

Each industry sector and individual organisation requires focused business analysis processes to make the most of available information without swamping the user with irrelevant detail.

Integration with supply chain planning and execution systems such as DISC or PIMSS enables the operation to respond automatically and optimally.

Inventory Forecasting and Capacity Planning

Our capacity planning tools enable forward planning of operational resources based on demand/activity forecasts generated by i-Data.

Integration with SLIM and e-Stock allows the impact of anticipated demand on the logistics operation and inventory levels to be analysed.

Our PIMSS software creates capacity plans for production operations to optimize factory and plant utilisation at the strategic level.

ROCS uses demand forecasts to automatically generate future staff shift patterns and employee schedules, identifying potential shortfalls or opportunities for efficiency improvements.



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