Resource Planning Software

Resource Scheduling Software

MJC²'s resource planning software automatically optimizes the scheduling of people, equipment and assets. Our resource scheduler solutions provide a powerful suite of planning tools that have the flexibility to model large operations with complex interlinking constraints.

Our staff and equipment scheduling software systems are very fast and can re-optimize large operations in seconds, allowing us to provide dynamic rescheduling software as well as tactical and strategic planning solutions.

Mobile Equipment Scheduling

MJC²'s software automates the planning of mobile equipment and corresponding teams or crews, such as mobile scanners, diagnostic equipment, outside broadcast units, construction equipment, surveying & incident response units and specialised vehicles.

Operations of this nature typically have very complex scheduling constraints, requiring coordination of mobile assets, employees with appropriate skills/training, vehicles and drivers.

Our resource scheduling software creates integrated task plans and activity timetables to ensure that all components of the operation are in the right place at the right time while maximising utilisation.

Integration with DISC allows corresponding logistics activity, including vehicle and driver plans, to be scheduled, while shift patterns and rosters for personnel can be optimized using ROCS.

Equipment and Facility Scheduling

Our optimization solutions automatically plan the assignment of work to machines, rooms, theatres, materials handling/processing tools and operational areas or zones.

High value assets, for which demand often exceeds capacity, need careful scheduling to ensure maximum utilisation and throughput. Planning resources in such environments requires accurate facility scheduling software to achieve activity plans that are feasible and efficient.

Our resource planning system maximises asset utilisation while taking into account factors such as configuration time, training scheduling, maintenance profiles, staffing requirements and availability.

Event Planning

MJC²'s systems provide detailed task-level scheduling for major events, conferences and functions, including optimization of the resource schedule to maximise efficiency and service levels.

Our scheduling software can be used for strategic calculation of resource requirements as well as operational scheduling of staff, contractors and equipment during the event.

MOBi and @ease provide dynamic scheduling of personnel and visitors, combined with live data links to smartphones and mobile devices, to maintain an efficient service-optimized operation.

Integrated Resource Management Solutions

MJC²'s resource management software enables strategic, tactical and real-time planning as well as project scheduling, resource capacity planning and demand led rostering.

Performance monitoring and KPI reporting tools allow complex, distributed operations to be continuously assessed and analysed to identify trends and future opportunities.

Our scheduling systems are driven by powerful user-friendly graphical interfaces which enable straightforward manipulation of complex datasets, and our scheduling software can be integrated with existing corporate databases and human resource management planning systems to facilitate efficient transparent planning across the operation.



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