Lean Manufacturing Software

Lean Manufacturing

MJC²'s lean manufacturing planning software is designed to tackle the complex production planning requirements of the manufacturing industry.

Our production scheduling software PIMSS addresses areas such as manufacturing scheduling, capacity planning, manufacturing resource planning and employee rostering:

  • factory planning - line scheduling - dynamic optimization
  • strategic planning - forecasting - inventory optimization
  • shift planning - demand led rostering - task allocation

MJC²'s manufacturing planning software is very flexible and can be used in a wide range of manufacturing environments, including food, aggregates, textiles, engineering, hi-tech, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Our software is particularly applicable to very large or highly complex factories, or to operations which produce short shelf-life or high volume goods with unpredictable demand profiles and short lead times.

Just in Time Scheduling

Just-in-time scheduling and real-time manufacturing planning is a key area of specialism for MJC². Our manufacturing scheduling systems are capable of planning and optimizing very large, complex operations in real-time, automatically responding to events such as last-minute orders, cancellations, raw material delays, breakdowns, etc.

PIMSS includes scheduling and optimization algorithms which are powerful enough to create schedules in seconds while being flexible enough to take account of complex operational rules and constraints.

PIMSS integrates with other enterprise resource planning software or process control systems, enabling real-time exchange of information between the manufacturing planning system and other enterprise control solutions.

Similarly, integration with materials resource planning (MRP) solutions and inventory management software enables real-time visibility of raw materials and components inventories, and facilitates efficient replenishment activity.

Capacity Planning & Supply Chain Resilience

Rough-cut capacity planning and longer term strategic optimization of the supply chain are provided by our PIMSS and e-Stock toolsets.

PIMSS automatically creates capacity plans and strategic production plans based on predicted demand, calculated using i-Data or imported from legacy systems. e-Stock facilitates the optimization of long-term inventory positions based on capacity and demand variances.

An important aspect of MJC²'s lean manufacturing solutions is that they can take account of all aspects of the manufacturing operation. Usually it is necessary to include factors such as transport, supply chain planning, raw materials sourcing, inventory planning, etc. when planning the production process.

PIMSS integrates with our DISC (logistics/transport planning) and SLIM (strategic supply chain optimization) to offer a holistic approach to managing an efficient and resilient supply chain.

Staff Scheduling & Demand Led Rostering

ROCS optimizes shift patterns, and includes demand led rostering algorithms that generate efficient staff schedules for factory operations.

The ROCS algorithms take into account rules relating to working hours, skills/training and safety requirements to ensure that the rosters created are feasible and comply with relevant legislation and business constraints.

At the strategic level ROCS can be used to determine the ideal shift patterns and staffing levels for a factory, based on forecast demand, and allowing for seasonality and other patterns which might be better served by temporary or part-time staff.

Operationally, the system assigns shifts and tasks to employees based on their skills and availability, and manages the allocation of overtime and additional shifts.

Tight integration with PIMSS ensures that the resulting shift patterns are aligned with manufacturing requirements and equipment/material capacity constraints.



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