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Lean Manufacturing Tools

MJC²'s lean manufacturing tools are designed to tackle the complex manufacturing planning and process automation problems presented by the manufacturing industry.

Our production scheduler software addresses areas such as lean manufacturing planning, optimization of process control systems, process automation scheduling, capacity planning, manufacturing resource planning and computer integrated manufacturing scheduling:

  • factory planning - line scheduling - dynamic optimization
  • strategic planning - forecasting - inventory - staff planning
  • manufacturing resource planning - mrp systems
  • distribution scheduling - logistics optimization

MJC²'s manufacturing planning software is very flexible and can be used in a wide range of manufacturing environments, including food, aggregates, textiles, engineering, hi-tech, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Our production planning software is particularly applicable to very large or highly complex factories, or to operations which produce short shelf-life or high volume goods with unpredictable demand profiles and short lead times.

Just in Time Scheduling

Just-in-time scheduling and real-time manufacturing planning is a key area of specialism for MJC². Our manufacturing scheduling systems are capable of planning and optimizing very large, complex operations in real-time, automatically responding to events such as last-minute orders, cancellations, raw material delays, breakdowns, etc.

Our production scheduler PIMSS includes scheduling and optimization algorithms which are powerful enough to create schedules in seconds while being flexible enough to take account of complex operational rules and constraints. For more details please see the section about our real-time manufacturing execution software.


Capacity Planning

Capacity planning and longer term strategic optimization of the manufacturing process are provided by our manufacturing planning, demand forecasting and inventory control toolsets.

Our production planning software PIMSS automatically creates capacity plans and strategic production plans based on predicted demand calculated using our forecasting modules, while our stock management system facilitates the optimization of long-term inventory positions based on capacity and demand variances.


Material Planning & MRP Systems

Our PIMSS production planning system includes enterprise-level MRP systems (material resource planning systems) covering demand planning, rough cut capacity planning and material scheduling.

PIMSS is readily integrated with other enterprise resource planning systems or with process control or process automation systems, enabling real-time exchange of information between the manufacturing planning system and other enterprise control systems. PIMSS can interface with manufacturing execution systems to receive or send live information about production plans and manufacturing schedules in real time.

PIMSS is often integrated with our e-Stock (inventory control) and i-Data (demand forecasting) modules. Alternatively, PIMSS can receive forecast demands or inventory requirements from existing factory planner systems, using this information to automatically create production schedules or manufacturing plans which in turn can be automatically transmitted to process control systems.


Integrated Supply Chain Optimization

An important aspect of MJC²'s lean manufacturing solutions is that they can take account of all aspects of the manufacturing operation. Usually it is necessary to include factors such as transport, supply chain planning, raw materials sourcing, inventory planning, etc. when planning the production process.

In addition to our leading edge production planning solution PIMSS, we also provide integrated transport/distribution scheduling solutions (DISC), strategic optimization software (SLIM), inventory control and optimization software (e-Stock) and forecasting and demand planning systems (i-Data).



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