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MJC²'s real-time mobile workforce management software MOBi provides powerful field service planning, workforce tracking, mobile data capture and proof-of-delivery tools that address the requirements of very large, complex field service and logistics operations.

  • job scheduling - field service optimization - task scheduling
  • automated task allocation - vehicle routing algorithms
  • territory mapping - sales territory planning
  • call planning - job scheduler - workforce optimization
  • field service software - mobile data capture - tracking

Our MOBi mobile workforce planning software allows very large, highly complex networks to be scheduled automatically in real-time. All business rules are modelled accurately to create usable, optimal solutions that are continuously re-optimized in response to last-minute orders, urgent jobs or operational issues. Our service management software is designed to address the ever-increasing demands of a virtual connected workforce, driving efficiency and cost reduction through intelligent application of technology.

Mobile Workforce Scheduling Software

MJC²'s workflow management and work scheduler system is the fastest available on the market. Capable of automatically scheduling and re-scheduling thousands of jobs in a matter of seconds, our service optimization software creates huge operational savings by making sure that even very large workforces are continuously optimized.

Engineer Scheduling

engineer job scheduling, task planning software, work scheduler

Delivery Drivers

real-time planning, POD, dispatch service software, driver notes


daily scheduler tools for merchandisers & retail service

Field Service Scheduling

field service scheduling software, mobile job scheduler tools

Inspector Call Scheduling

planning inspections, inspector call scheduling software


surveys & surveyors planning, call scheduler software, team planning

Sales Workforce Software

online sales force automation solutions, call planning software


home care planning software, nurse call schedule software

Recovery Drivers

service dispatch software, task scheduler & workforce productivity systems

Automated Workforce Planning

The key feature of MOBi is automatic task scheduling and logistics optimization of the mobile workforce. Not only does it allow real-time transfer of information but it actually responds to the incoming information, replanning job assignments or delivery schedules so that unexpected delays or last-minute orders are accommodated optimally with minimum impact on service levels or operational costs. Typical applications include:

MOBi takes into account all relevant operational factors such as:

  • Workforce Constraints:
  • employee skills, training, shift patterns, preferred working times
  • Service Agreements:
  • time windows, job completion times, urgency/priority, scheduling service level rules
  • Geography & Location:
  • routing considerations, transport costs, employee home/current location
  • Time Constraints:
  • site opening times, employee available hours, job duration, sequencing

The mobile workforce scheduler automatically generates personnel job schedules, including visit sequence and trip routing. Schedules can be created in advance for operational or strategic planning, and can be updated dynamically in response to real-time events. Service engineers can send in reports and be automatically directed to their next job. Delivery drivers can receive instructions and send status reports while on the road. Job scheduling, workflow management and mobile data capture functionality are integrated with a central real-time planning system to provide a complete mobile workforce optimization solution.


Sales Territory Management

Integration with our strategic logistics planning solution SLIM enables optimization of sales territories to maximise customer service while minimising transport costs and distributing work evenly between field sales personnel. Territory mapping and mobile workforce optimization tools include interactive maps and resource usage charts which provide visibility of the entire field sales force and planned workloads.


Employee Self Service Optimization Software

MOBi's employee self service optimization software enables mobile workers to log their activity and receive updates while away from the office. Users can record their working hours, log the completion of jobs, notify line managers of exceptions or problems and request updates to schedules via their PDA.

The mobile service scheduling system allows users to view their planned activity, request or make modifications (self scheduling) and receive updates about the status of outstanding work. Requests for time off, overtime, training, etc. can be managed via MOBi, automating workflow processes. A configurable user interface ensures that the employee self service tools are easy to use, requiring minimal training and facilitating straightforward roll-out to large, multi-skilled workforces.


Sales Force Automation Software

MOBi's online sales force automation software provide live access to enterprise workforce software systems enabling field sales personnel to display on-line catalogues, view up-to-date stock positions/prices and place an order, all via their Pocket PC or Smartphone. MOBi couples wireless communication and data synchronisation techniques, using them in alternation to continually maintain information on central databases while providing live updates for the mobile user.

Call Planning & Scheduling

MOBi's sales force planning tools optimize call scheduling and routing to create efficient work schedules for employees who are on the move. Real-time call planning and dynamic routing of sales representatives ensures that field sales staff are kept up to date with customer requirements while maintaining high productivity levels.

Mobile Data Capture

As well as planning and scheduling the mobile workforce, MOBi provides powerful data capture tools for mobile workers, enabling real-time electronic capture of information such as survey results, job sheets, cost data and notes. The MOBi PDA software provides a flexible workflow automation environment for the mobile worker. By making use of the ever-increasing processing power and memory available to PDAs and palmtops, MOBi optimizes the connection between the mobile user and central workforce management systems.

Proof-of-Delivery (POD)

The MOBi toolset includes Proof-of-Delivery and PDA-based signature capture solutions for electronic recording of delivery notes. POD data is automatically transmitted to central databases and planning systems to enable real-time track-and-trace of consignments. Sign-on-screen technology eliminates the need for paper documents and streamlines the consignment tracking process.



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