Resilient Supply Chain Optimization


The CORE project focuses on making supply chains more secure and resilient to threats such as natural disasters or other major disruptive events. CORE is a collaborative project involving more than 70 organisations in Europe and the USA, including technology providers and innovators and supply chain & logistics industry partners. MJC² is developing new techniques and systems for optimizing the supply chain from a cost and risk perspective.

Resilient Supply Chain Optimization

Ever-increasing pressure on cost and service level has driven supply chains to be very tightly-connected, with large volumes of freight going through major strategic hubs. CORE will focus on developing software tools that allow supply chain operators and shippers to manage and analyse the risk in their supply chain and to develop contingency plans for respond to major disruptions. Furthermore, given that the exact nature of an unexpected event is indeed unpredictable, it is vital to have the right tools in place to quickly respond. CORE will also provide real-time supply chain planning & optimization systems that can re-route and re-allocate shipments to resources in response to e.g. the closure of a major port or severe weather conditions affecting a widespread area.

Global Benefits

CORE will deliver benefits to the all stakeholders in the global supply chain, both for normal operations and in response to major supply chain disruptions:

  • better utilisation of fleets and resources (reduced wasted time and empty running)
  • reduced CO2 and noxious gases emissions
  • smoother arrival profiles at hubs and depots (thus increasing network throughput while lowering costs)
  • better allocation of buffer stocks to network points (reducing stock costs and making the supply chain more agile)
  • extremely fast response to emergencies caused by natural disasters or other major disruptions

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