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We are looking for people with an outstanding academic record: 1st class degree in maths, physics or engineering, combined with exceptional A-levels (or equivalent). Postgraduate degrees also count in your favour.


Because the work we do is hard. We tackle some of the most complex and challenging optimization problems and we need people who can solve them. Most of our team are Oxbridge graduates, and many have PhDs, but equally important to us is common sense. Experience is not essential - what we need is people who can think.


Our customers come to us because they have tried and failed to find a solution using "industry standard" tools and need something a bit different. This means that every project we take on is new and difficult, but potentially very rewarding.

Organisations like Pepsi, TNT, Hanson and Fonterra use our systems and have saved millions while reducing their environmental footprint and making their operations more efficient using our software.

We design very advanced optimization algorithms to solve these problems, implement them in a software system and install them for our customers to use.

The emphasis is on innovation and creativity, not just writing code for code's sake. Our systems need to be fast and user-friendly and we're good at it - our customers have benchmarked MJC² against many systems on the market and we have never been beaten.


MJC² is based in Berkshire in the UK. Most of our clients are UK-based but we also work in Europe and further afield, and our R&D activity involves working with the top universities internationally.

This means you are not locked up in a cupboard all day writing code. Nor do you spend your whole life in airports and hotels far away from friends and family - the 21st century has arrived and endless meetings are no longer a necessity.

Our work is a good combination of opportunities to visit interesting places from time to time with a sensible work-life balance.


We are always looking for people to add to our team because the type of candidate we are looking for is hard to find. If you think MJC² might be for you* please email your CV to For details about how we use this information please see our Privacy Notice.

* Applicants must be nationals of an EEA country or Switzerland or be legally allowed to work in the UK. MJC² is an equal opportunities employer.



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