Vehicle Routing Software

Vehicle Routing & Scheduling

MJC²'s vehicle routing software is designed for applications such as truck routing, mobile workforce optimization, driver scheduling, taxi routing, bus/coach scheduling, dynamic delivery route planning, real-time collection scheduling and home delivery routing.

Our vehicle routing systems are fast enough to automatically reschedule large operations in real-time, while having the flexibility to take account of detailed business rules and constraints:

  • delivery+collection routing - driver planning - vehicle planning
  • multidrop routing & scheduling - home delivery operations
  • dynamic route scheduling - traffic - truck routing tools
  • collection round routing program - house delivery planning

MJC² has developed and supplied logistics optimization software for more than 20 years and our routing algorithms have consistently out-performed all other systems in benchmarking tests of speed, quality and ease-of-use. Our routing tools are used by some of the largest transport and distribution operations in the World to schedule thousands of vehicle movements every day.

Delivery Routing Software

Delivery Scheduling - source Deutsche Post AG

MJC²'s delivery routing software assigns customer orders to vehicle routes taking account of factors such as customer access constraints, time windows, truck routing constraints and driver hours.

The routing & scheduling algorithm is designed to cope with very large networks (e.g. 100s of vehicles or 1000s of orders) and can model integrated multi-depot operations to optimize resource allocation.

The route planning software takes as input the collections/deliveries to be made, the fleet & drivers available, as well as rules relating to shifts, drivers' breaks (WTD rules), site constraints and time constraints. Using this information the vehicle routing algorithm calculates the delivery routes and/or collection routes to meet required time windows, while assigning routes to resources (vehicles and drivers).


Multi-drop Route Planning Software

Our multidrop software automatically schedules and routes deliveries, assigning them to vehicles and drivers to optimize resource utilisation while minimising travel time and distance. MJC²'s multidrop route planner tools have the power and flexibility to schedule 1000s of deliveries in seconds, optimizing each route and choosing the best vehicle, taking into account factor such as time windows, vehicle capacities, driver hours, multiple depots/warehouses, trunking/linehaul movements, etc.

Home Delivery Scheduling

MJC²'s home delivery routing software enables customers to request delivery times, which are dynamically allocated to routes and re-optimized to smooth resource utilisation while maintaining high service levels. Slot profiles and territories can be optimized at a strategic level, while real-time planning of delivery drivers and vehicles ensures efficient order fulfilment.

Dynamic Logistics Routing and Scheduling

MJC² is the market leading provider of real-time routing & scheduling systems. Our dynamic route planner software is able to schedule and reschedule very large distribution & transport operations in real-time, responding automatically to live data feeds from orders databases, vehicle tracking systems (e.g. GPS), telematics and fleet management systems.

Integration of MJC²'s route software and scheduling systems with vehicle tracking provides automatic real-time re-optimization of the operation and alerts the planner to issues such as late arrivals, vehicle breakdowns, working time directive (WTD) exceptions, route variations, etc.

Our real-time vehicle routing tools are designed to address complex, highly dynamic environments, with applications such as retail distribution scheduling, home delivery routing, bulk collection and delivery planning, 3PL operations scheduling, freight & logistics scheduling, express delivery routing, construction materials and aggregates delivery planning, transport network optimization, waste/refuse collection services and recycling operations, passenger transport routing and collection/distribution optimization.

Round Planning & Collection Routing Tools

Round planning of large operations such as kerbside collections and house-to-house deliveries presents a challenging problem that requires powerful software tools to ensure efficient calculation of routes. Coupled with high quality digital road network data and GPS tracking, our round scheduling algorithms optimize routes to improve efficiency and reduce travel time/distance, leading to lower environmental and fleet running costs.

Routes and schedules are displayed graphically in map routing screens or gantt charts and a comprehensive reporting toolset is available for MIS reporting and analysis. Savings of up to 25% can be achieved. Additional benefits include better customer service, balanced working hours for drivers, better utilisation of resources, ability to quickly update rounds as demand varies and long-term strategic planning capabilities.


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