Real-time Scheduling & Dispatch Software

Dynamic Scheduling & Real-time Dispatching Software

MJC²'s real-time dispatcher and vehicle tracking system REACT is the fastest and most powerful dynamic planning software available on the market. Capable of optimizing 1000s of vehicle movements in seconds, the system can automatically dispatch distribution and transport operations, dynamically rescheduling vehicle and driver assignments based on real-time events.

  • real-time driver & vehicle scheduling - dynamic routing
  • dispatch scheduling - traffic control systems
  • logistics tracking - real-time fleet tracking - GPS data
  • yard planning - dock & door allocation - traffic management

REACT drives improved efficiency through continual re-optimization of the operation, leading to reduced operational costs, better adherence to SLAs, increased flexibility and improved visibility across the business.

Real-time Scheduling & Dynamic Planning Systems

REACT provides a real-time scheduling environment for planners and managers who must respond dynamically to a continuously changing operation:

  • Dynamic routing and scheduling of vehicles
  • Automated real-time planning of work for drivers and resources
  • Real time distribution & logistics scheduling
  • Optimised planning of deliveries, collections, trunks & multimodal
  • Inteliigent response to variable demand, last minute orders, cancellations, etc.

In operations where order-fulfilment windows may be as narrow as half-an-hour, and penalties for late delivery may be substantial, responding quickly to real-time events such as traffic delays, breakdowns and last minute orders is vital. REACT automatically replans on demand, reducing over-resourcing and spot-hire while improving service levels.

User-friendly graphical planning charts allow fast and effective interaction with the dispatcher software & vehicle tracking system through on-screen maps, reports and editors. Integration with our DISC distribution scheduling program allows complex logistics operations to be scheduled.


Real-time Software - Dynamic Routing

REACT includes real-time dispatcher systems which simplify and automate fleet scheduling and resource tracking. The dispatcher is presented with an up-to-date view of the operation and can instantly locate and track vehicles, personnel, assets and equipment. Our dispatch software includes vehicle routing, job scheduling and GPS real time tracking functionality which provides the dispatcher with continuously updated information about the status of each consignment.

Data is presented graphically in the form of maps and gantt charts and in tabular reports. The dispatcher system includes KPI reporting and fleet management modules which enable analysis of logistics tracking data in real-time and for strategic optimization. All reports can be configured to meet specific operational rules and requirements. Our dispatch scheduling software can also interface to other real time software systems such as ERP databases, order-taking systems, fleet maintenance systems, etc. to make vehicle tracking data available across the business.

Yard Management & Trailer Software Solutions

Yard Management Planning

REACT includes powerful traffic planning software tools to facilitate real-time scheduling of depot and warehouse operations. Our yard management systems can automatically schedule shunter movements, dock allocation and vehicle/trailer usage. Traffic management in the yard and transport scheduling is integrated to ensure that all aspects of logistics operation are co-ordinated and optimized.

REACT models warehouse constraints, employee availability, load building requirements, docking constraints, preferred loading sequences, trailer compatibility rules, etc. and can receive real-time updates about the location and status of resources (shunters, trailers, drivers, etc.) and can automatically replan yard activities and issue updated instructions to staff via in-cab devices or messaging systems. Trailer software scheduling modules automatically assign shunting movements and loading plans. Our traffic management software is designed to model large, complex sites which have to handle hundreds or thousands of loading/unloading operations every day.


Logistics Tracking & Telematics

Our real-time logistics software integrates with GPS vehicle tracking systems (or other vehicle location and telematics systems) to facilitate dynamic rescheduling of the fleet based on current location. The GPS fleet tracking system provides regular updates about each vehicle's location and progress. Using this information, the real time system can estimate journey times and automatically reschedule if vehicles appear to be running much slower or faster than expected. GPS asset tracking extends to trailers, tractors, containers and other equipment.

The dispatch control system includes vector routing and mapping, allowing vehicle locations to be displayed on maps with status updates about current work and dynamically updated ETAs. Integration with MJC²'s MOBi mobile workforce system provides drivers with in-cab functionality, enabling real-time transmission of updated schedules and real-time capture of data and delivery notes.



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