Real-time Scheduling and Dispatch Software

Real-time Scheduling and Dispatching Software

MJC²'s real-time logistics scheduling system REACT can allocate and optimize 1000s of vehicle movements in seconds, dynamically rescheduling vehicle and driver assignments based on real-time events.

  • real-time driver/vehicle scheduling and re-optimization.
  • same-day dispatch scheduling and automated allocation.
  • real-time GPS tracking, visibility and reporting.

REACT drives improved efficiency through continual re-optimization of the operation, leading to reduced operational costs, better adherence to SLAs, increased flexibility and improved visibility across the business.

Real-time Vehicle Scheduling

REACT is a real-time scheduling solution for logistics networks that need to respond dynamically to operational changes and unexpected events:

  • Automated allocation of work to drivers and resources.
  • Dynamic routing and scheduling of vehicles.
  • Optimized planning of deliveries, collections, trunks and multimodal operations.
  • Intelligent response to unplanned or last minute orders, cancellations, delays, etc.

In operations where order-fulfilment windows may be as narrow as half-an-hour, and penalties for late delivery may be substantial, responding quickly to real-time events such as traffic delays, breakdowns and last minute orders is vital.

REACT automatically replans on demand, reducing over-resourcing and spot-hire while improving service levels. User-friendly graphical planning charts allow fast and effective interaction with the real-time algorithms and vehicle tracking systems through on-screen maps, reports and editors.

Integration with MJC²'s DISC distribution scheduling solution allows complex multi-site logistics operations to be optimized.

Same-day Dispatch Scheduling

REACT is particularly suited to same-day dispatch operations (e.g. courier operations), or logistics networks (e.g. bulk distribution) which need to respond to a high proportion of last-minute order amendments and cancellations.

Integration with other real time data sources such as ERP databases, order-taking systems, GPS tracking and fleet maintenance systems allows automated receipt of the order, allocation to the right resource based on availability/location, and notification via smartphone to the driver.

For HGV and artic fleets, MJC²'s trailer scheduling software provides load building, automated allocation, and scheduling of associated yard/shunting activity.

Real-time Visibility and Reporting

REACT's real-time dispatch tracking simplifies and automates fleet scheduling and resource tracking. The dispatcher is presented with an up-to-date view of the operation and can instantly locate and track vehicles, personnel, assets and equipment.

Our dispatch software includes vehicle routing, job scheduling and GPS real time tracking functionality which provides the dispatcher with continuously updated information about the status of each consignment.

Data is presented graphically in the form of maps and gantt charts and in tabular reports. The dispatcher system includes KPI reporting which enable analysis of logistics tracking data in real-time and for strategic optimization.



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