Transport Planning & Logistics Management

Transport Software: Planning & Scheduling

MJC²'s transport planning and logistics management software provides strategic, operational and real-time planning functionality for large, complex transport and distribution networks.

We provide flexible transportation management software solutions capable of planning 1000s of movements in seconds while modelling complex operational rules and constraints. Our transport software toolsets include:

Transportation Planning Software

Our transport planning software optimizes vehicle routes and driver schedules on a real-time or forward planning basis. MJC²'s real-time dispatcher system can schedule and re-schedule vehicle movements in real-time, receiving information such as GPS location and transport order status to automatically update the transport schedule and re-issue it to drivers and managers, continuously optimizing the operation as the day evolves.

Forward schedules for the next day or week (or longer period) can be optimized using our vehicle routing and distribution scheduling systems, assigning daily forecast or actual orders to drivers and vehicles to maximise resource utilisation and balance driver workloads.

Trucking Software & Truck Scheduling

MJC²'s truck software can be used for delivery (or collection) planning, optimizing operations such as multi-drops, multi-collects, backhauls, trunking movements, etc. Our haulier software includes distribution planning tools that take into account all required operational constraints, including time windows, vehicle capacity, truck scheduling constraints and other configurable rules.

Our trucking software also provides powerful vehicle routing algorithms which can model access constraints, load building rules, trailer compatibility, driver hours, WTD, warehouse assembly capacity, availability of docks, loading/unloading rates, rush hour, congestion, toll roads and other cost/efficiency parameters. Our vehicle planning software is configurable and is ideally suited for large, complex haulage operations which cannot be modelled by conventional vehicle routing packages.

Real-time Transport Management Software

Our vehicle scheduling and driver planning systems provide job allocation, shift planning and rostering functionality. ROCS is a powerful rostering and employee scheduling toolset which programs and optimizes driver work schedules based on expected or actual demands. Factors such as required skills/seniority, working time directive constraints, shift patterns, union agreements, industry standards, employee holiday entitlement, overtime rules and annualised hours are included in the optimization process.

Real-time communication between the driver and the central planning office is enabled by our workforce management software, which allows updates such as completed work or schedule changes to be transferred automatically. Our work scheduling tools can be integrated with our distribution planning and strategic logistics toolsets to optimize employee shift patterns in conjunction with the overall logistics operation.

Passenger Transportation Software

Our vehicle logistics planning and driver scheduling systems offer powerful tools for optimizing passenger transport operations, ranging from real-time dispatch scheduling of vehicles through to strategic route planning and timetable scheduling. Applications include taxi scheduling, patient transport planning, school transport scheduler support, chauffeured vehicle planning and bus/coach scheduling. We provide flexible tools that can model operational constraints such as vehicle compatibility, passenger requirements, timetable constraints, driver hours rules, shift patterns and seasonal variations.

Strategic Transport Management System

MJC²'s strategic transport planning software SLIM can model and optimize extended logistics operations and haulage distribution networks. Typical applications of our strategic transport management system include freight logistics optimization, transport system planning, supply chain optimization, distribution network planning, freight transport scheduling, intermodal transport optimization and timetable creation.

Our supply chain logistics management software is designed to solve complex transport logistics management problems and includes powerful optimization techniques which can address even very large operations. SLIM allows accurate, flexible models to be created, enabling detailed simulation and optimization of the business logistics network.

Forecasting & Logistics Management Software

MJC²'s forecasting software i-Data enables analysis of historical data to facilitate forward planning and strategic optimization of transport and business logistics networks. i-Data can be used for applications such as forecasting driver or vehicle requirements, warehouse employee numbers, scheduling shift start times, planning transport volumes or analysing MIS data.


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