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Employee Scheduling Software

Employee Scheduling & Shift Planning

MJC²'s staff scheduling software solutions include rostering & rota creation, shift planning, job allocation, human resource planning and crew scheduling:

MJC²'s employee scheduling software is designed for very large operations that need to manage thousands of personnel while taking into account factors such as skills, availability, team structure and service level constraints.

Customised or bespoke rules can be integrated if required. For example the ongoing Covid-19 situation often requires teams to be scheduled as "bubbles" and new rules to be applied to maintain social distancing in the workplace.

Integrated asset and equipment scheduling ensures that plans and rosters can be executed efficiently and cost-effectively.

Demand Led Rostering Software

MJC²'s shift planning software automatically calculates shift patterns and rotas to create balanced, efficient rosters for very large workforces in a matter of seconds.

Holiday calendars, absence planning tools and training scheduling enable shift patterns to be optimized around workforce activity constraints.

Typical applications areas include driver shift planning, warehouse staffing optimization, field service duty rostering, factory shift scheduling, nurse/medical staff rotas and call centre planning.

Staff Schedule Planning

Based on factors such as expected workload, working hours constraints, skillset requirements, compatibility and training our AI-driven algorithms create shift schedules that optimize workforce utilisation.

MJC²'s workforce planning software has the flexibility to accurately model specific business rules and operational constraints, rostering staff and generating optimal shift patterns while taking into account contract terms such as flexitime, rotating shift patterns and overtime.

Work Schedule Templates & Rotas

MJC² systems can also generate pre-calculated work patterns and shift pattern templates, optimized by a shift pattern generator to maximise efficiency and utilisation.

Templates can be provided for complex multi-length shift rosters including a combination of 12 hour shifts, 8 hour shifts, 10 hour shifts, 24 hour shifts, etc.

Shift schedule examples include 4-shift patterns, 5-shift patterns, 7-day shift patterns, 24 7 shift coverage, 4 on 4 off shift patterns, rotating patterns, continental shift patterns, split shifts and compressed work schedules.

Staff rosters and shift rotas can be provided for a wide range of shift work operations including factories, logistics operations, retail, healthcare, call centres, on-call services and engineers.

Job Scheduling Software

MJC²'s real-time job allocation software automatically schedules and assigns jobs, visits or calls to field personnel, following required business rules and constraints to create an optimized work schedule that maximises service levels while reducing costs:

  • Very large workforces: Our algorithms can plan very large operations very fast. Typically a complete schedule can be generated and optimized within seconds for hundreds or thousands of employees.
  • Accurate scheduling rules: Required business rules and constraints are modelled, including multi-skilled teams, variable completion windows, linked jobs/visits, and complex workload balancing requirements.
  • Geographic/transport models: Our workforce scheduling systems optimize job allocation to minimise mileage and balance staff travel.
  • Demand led rostering: Optimize staff rosters and shift patterns based on forecast demand profiles to achieve higher service levels at lower cost.
  • Real-time scheduling: The speed of our work scheduling software enables real-time response to continuously changing events such as last minute orders, operational problems and unplanned absence.
  • Strategic workforce planning: MJC²'s labour scheduling systems enable strategic planning based on forecasts to create forward weekly/daily planning of assignments and staff utilisation for capacity planning and budgeting.
  • Very easy to use: Our staff scheduler and job allocation systems are driven by a straightforward intuitive graphical interface, with work schedules displayed in the form of interactive gantt charts, maps and reports.

Work & Resource Planning

MJC²'s workforce planning software addresses complex operations for which it is necessary to consider the integrated planning of resources, staff and assets. Our resource planning solutions take account of factors such as:

  • Employee schedule availability, shift patterns, training, etc.
  • Asset capability and suitability
  • Planned downtime or maintenance scheduling templates
  • Equipment scheduling requirements and constraints
  • Time constraints by customer, employee or asset
  • Geographical factors (location, travelling time, area of responsibility, etc.)
  • Group scheduling and team composition requirements

Our staff planner software automatically generates resource schedules based on operational rules and constraints. This not only leads to cost savings through optimization of work schedules and employee planning, but allows the operation to respond more quickly to real-time events which lead to a deviation from plan.



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