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Lean Supply Chain Optimization

MJC²'s supply chain software systems cover all aspects of supply chain optimization, including distribution, transport, logistics, warehouse/depot activity, manufacturing & production planning, stock control & inventory balancing, demand planning, sales forecasting, workforce planning and strategic optimization.

Our lean supply chain management software has the flexibility to model all aspects of complex operations and networks, as well as the power to schedule and optimize large organisations. Typical applications include supply chain logistics management, real-time and strategic optimization of distribution operations, manufacturing planning, strategic simulation and modelling, contingency planning, inventory planning and resource balancing.

Agile Supply Chain

MJC²'s distribution scheduling and logistics planning solutions enable integrated optimization of the transport network. Our strategic logistics planning systems can optimize the location of distribution centres, depots and warehouses, while calculating ideal resource levels, staffing profiles and supplier volumes.

Our distribution & logistics scheduling tools create transport schedules, warehouse activity plans and driver route assignments for tactical or operational planning. Integration with our dynamic planning & dispatching systems facilitates automatic response in an agile supply chain to drive efficiency and service to new levels.

Manufacturing Supply Chain Planning

Our production planning toolsets allow complex manufacturing operations to be optimized at the strategic and operational levels. Our lean manufacturing systems are designed to cope with factors such as multi-site production chains, complex manufacturing processes, challenging inventory constraints, unpredictable demands and multi-modal distribution/logistics networks.

We use an integrated approach which includes line scheduling, master production planning, capacity planning, labour balancing & employee scheduling, strategic optimization and advanced 'what if' scenario modelling tools. Demand forecasting and inventory optimization modules facilitate forward planning of manufacturing supply chain capacity and analysis of likely medium- and long-tem infrastructure requirements.

Our Material Planning and Logistics (MP&L) toolsets optimise the total global supply chain through synchronous flow of information and material, enabling overall co-ordination of the production process. MJC²'s supply chain optimisation solutions engage all areas of the business (e.g. technical, manufacturing, sales and marketing, distribution, purchasing and finance) throughout the product lifecycle, from the initial planning phases of new products through to final delivery to the customer.


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