Visitor Management Software


AGAMEMNON uses smartphone technology to provide visitors to archaeological sites and museums with an interactive context-aware guide that schedules the user around the site based on their interests and preferences.

As the user moves around the site, intelligent pattern recognition systems automatically identify the location of the user. Information about nearby features and exhibits is presented in a multimedia format.

Crowd Avoidance Algorithms

Furthermore, AGAMEMNON actively manages the movement of visitors around the site. By knowing the location of each visitor, AGAMEMNON can assess possible crowding problems and responds by dynamically re-scheduling routes in real-time to ensure that crowding at a particular location is minimised.

The system can integrate with employee scheduling solutions (e.g. ROCS) to optimize staffing levels at key locations in real-time to increase customer service and reduce waiting times.


AGAMEMNON has been trialled at two major archaeological sites in Europe: Paestum and Mycenae.

Paestum (Italy)

Paestum was an ancient Greek city in what is today southern Italy. The ruins of Paestum are famous for their three ancient Doric temples, which are in a very good state of preservation.

Temple of Neptune - Paestum

Temple of Neptune - Paestum

Map of the main points of interest in Paestum

Map of the main points of interest in Paestum

Mycenae (Greece)

Mycenae, the legendary home of the Atreides, one of the most famous prehistoric sites in Greece, is situated upon a small hilltop on the lower slopes of the Euboea Mountain, between two of its peaks, on the road leading from the Argolic Gulf to the north, over the Argive plain which gave it control over the passes that led to the north and Corinth, to the east to the plain of Berbati, and to the west to Arkadia.

The Lions Gate

The Lions Gate at Mycenae

Collaborative Initiative

AGAMEMNON is an EU-funded project undertaken by the following partners:

  • Fondazione Paestum (Italy)
  • Hellenic Ministry of Culture (Greece)
  • Universita di Genova (Italy)
  • MJC² Limited (UK)
  • ANCO S.A. Telecommunications, Electronics & IT Industry (Greece)



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