Advanced Planning & Scheduling Systems

Scheduling Software & Optimization Solutions

MJC²'s advanced scheduling software provides powerful planning and optimization solutions which address areas such as real-time logistics planning, manufacturing scheduling, supply chain optimization, real-time distribution scheduling, dynamic vehicle routing, mobile workforce management, strategic logistics, demand forecasting and employee scheduling & rostering.

We offer the fastest scheduling systems and optimization software available on the market, fully configured to meet the exact needs of your business. Our optimization tools are designed to tackle the most complex planning and scheduling problems, but are straightforward to use and are driven by simple, intuitive graphical interfaces.

Advanced Planning Software

Our clients are large, high profile organisations which need powerful solutions to address highly complex planning, scheduling and optimization requirements. We have implemented solutions which have improved service levels and reduced operational costs of very large companies by more than 20%.

MJC²'s logistics optimization systems are used 24x7 to schedule very large distribution operations in real-time, providing automated planning capability and strategic supply chain management.

Our advanced production planning software schedules complex manufacturing operations, optimizing resource utilisation and reducing inventory levels. Our mobile workforce planning and staff rostering systems have greatly increased employee efficiency while improving customer service levels.

We recognise that every business or operation has its own specific characteristics and requirements. We provide tailored integrated solutions that are configured to fit business and user requirements, backed up by a team that offers the necessary consultancy, business analysis, project management, training, implementation and support.

Automated Scheduling Systems

MJC²'s advanced planning and scheduling software provides automated scheduling capability, optimizing the operation with minimal manual intervention while ensuring that all operational rules and constraints are followed.

To ensure that our advanced planning software integrates quickly and effortlessly with the existing business planning process we design our scheduling systems based on the following features and principles:

  • Customised to match business requirements - flexible planning rules and constraints.
  • User-friendly powerful scheduling control and data manipulation functionality.
  • Integrated with legacy systems and corporate databases using robust interfaces.
  • Secure high quality design, following ISO27001 and ISO9001 standards.
  • Future-proofed optimization architecture, supported by an ambitious R&D programme.



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