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CONTAIN: Container Logistics Security Optimization

CONTAIN focuses on new techniques for enhancing the security of the container freight supply chain, including artificial intelligence algorithms and container tracking and monitoring technology which increases security and efficiency in multimodal logistics operations.

The project is coordinated by the Swedish Defence Research Agency, and involves collaboration between 20 leading technology and supply chain security organisations from across Europe, supported by the European Commission.

European Shipping Containers Surveillance

The overall focus of the CONTAIN project is the development of a European Shipping Containers Surveillance system, covering regulatory and technological advances, supported by standardisation and new business models.

By developing a secure multimodal corridor design approach, supported by real-time monitoring and detection technology to target container security in the port and hinterland, CONTAIN allows ports to upgrade associated systems and processes, achieving higher levels of security and efficiency.

Global Container Logistics

The increased use of multimodal transport options for freight transport has the aim to increase sustainability, but in doing so adds complexity to the management of the security of the supply chain.

Hundreds of millions of container movements take place every year, transporting goods through complex multi-modal networks. While being vital for international trade, cross-border threats associated with terrorism, illegal immigration and smuggling are an important security concern for container operations security.

CONTAIN adopts powerful real-time decision support and optimization systems to enhance supply chain security while increasing logistics efficiency, supported by advanced sensors and detectors, intelligent monitoring and control platforms, and decision support algorithms.

Real-time Logistics Planning

MJC²'s optimization technology forms a key component of the CONTAIN architecture, creating an innovative solution that enhances the threat detection process while simultaneously increasing operational efficiency. Key to the success of the approach is the software's ability to track, process and schedule thousands of container movements in a matter of seconds.

CONTAIN takes supply chain security performance to new levels in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. Not only does it drive regulatory, policy and standardisation recommendations, but it also provide port and transport operators with a set of best-of-breed technology solutions for sensors, communications, security hardware and software systems to enhance security throughout the logistics operation.



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