Inventory Management Software

Inventory Control Software & Stock Planning

e-Stock includes inventory optimization, automatic replenishment planning, vendor managed inventory control and collaborative planning capabilities:

  • inventory reduction - stock planning
  • auto replenishment algorithms - purchasing planning
  • collaborative planning - VMI - forecasting & replenishment
  • stock control software - real-time inventory system

Our stock planning software provides optimization, visibility and control along the supply chain, and can be integrated with inventory management systems to process real-time demand data and generate replenishment/manufacturing orders dynamically.

Inventory Optimization Software

Managing inventory levels along the supply chain is key to maintaining high service levels while minimising costs. e-Stock includes a range of stock control software tools for inventory planning and balancing which enable organisations to increase service levels and reduce safety stocks.

Our inventory management software is ideally suited to businesses characterised by factors such as very large SKU range, short-shelf life products, complex manufacturing/distribution process and short lead time orders.

e-Stock balances stock levels against order profiles and forecasts, taking into account factors such as production capacities and supplier service levels.

Forecasting and replenishment activity is optimized in terms of resource availability, manufacturing planning and distribution capacity. The dynamic inventory scheduling algorithms can react automatically to real-time events, continuously replanning activity along the supply chain to maximise service while minimising cost.

Automatic Replenishment Systems

e-Stock monitors inventory levels and, using an automatic replenishment algorithm, determines ideal replenishment sequences and orders.

Factors such as minimum/maximum order quantities, lead times, vendor stock availability, transport costs, bulk purchase discounts, distribution/transport constraints and warehouse/storage capacity are modelled to ensure that forecasting and replenishment activity follows business requirements and constraints.

The automatic replenishment planning takes current stock levels and forecast demand as input and generates replenishment orders to optimize inventory levels and purchasing agreements. Planning and optimization functionality enables inventory profiles to be dynamically adjusted based on actual sales history.

Vendor Managed Inventory and Collaborative Planning

e-Stock allows businesses to optimize their operation in collaboration with their partners, providing visibility and control along the demand chain.

For example, by monitoring customer stocks (e.g. by integrating with their stock management systems), replenishment orders can be planned according to production/distribution capacities, improving resource utilisation and increasing service level.

e-Stock provides visibility over the whole supply chain, automatically optimizing vendor managed inventory levels based on demand, capacity and availability. Suppliers can be notified automatically of requirements, and customers can have instant access to lead-times or delivery dates.

MJC²'s solutions interface with enterprise resource planning systems and include a wide range of inventory tracking, collaborative planning and replenishment management functionality.

Inventory Management Software

e-Stock is designed for large, complex supply chain organisations which manage thousands of products and thousands of customers in a dynamic environment.

Our inventory control software enables businesses to make the most of their investment in enterprise resource planning systems by creating very large savings in terms of efficiency, inventory reduction and increased service levels.

e-Stock models complex operational rules and constraints, and can be integrated with legacy stock management systems and processes using straightforward interfaces and APIs.



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