Enterprise Planning, Scheduling & Optimization

Does it work?

MJC²s planning tools deliver real, measurable benefits. Our logistics planning software has reduced transport costs by up to 30%, reducing carbon footprint and increasing customer service levels at the same time.

Similarly our production planning software has reduced production and warehouse costs for our customers, while our workforce scheduling systems increase performance through better scheduling and job allocation.

Our software is used by some of the largest businesses and organisations in the world - the following represent just a few of the companies we have worked with:

What Our Customers Say

We are pround of our relationship with our customers - the following comments give a flavour of what our clients think about the solutions we have provided:

  • "MJC²'s systems are clearly market leading solutions in terms of the user-friendly interface and intuitive operating model. The speed of development from concept to delivery is also outstanding. A clear differentiator is the personal relationship which develops between the development team and the end users. I've been delighted with the professionalism and sophistication of the systems supplied."

  • "In MJC² we found a company who fulfilled all our requirements. We quickly built up a good professional and friendly working relationship with their team. The resulting System leads our industry and we continue to work closely with MJC² developing new technologies and building on the many benefits already gained."

  • "PIMSS is fast, user-friendly and extremely powerful, and has helped me to create optimum production schedules in our most complex factories. I think the world of MJC²!"

  • "MJC² obviously understood our requirements and developed the system for our scheduling to the agreed time. The response to changes and queries is first rate."

  • "Our experience working with MJC² clearly demonstrates that it is a very professional company with highly motivated employees. MJC² has gained wide international reputation for its products and services and leadership in conducting business of high integrity."

  • "I have enjoyed working with MJC² over the years and you will be fondly remembered by me and I would add that you run probably the most committed, customer driven and quality focused vendor I have worked with in 35 years in IS."


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