Appointment Scheduling Software

Appointment Scheduler Software

MJC²'s appointment scheduling software covers resource optimization, online personnel scheduling and appointment planning. Typical applications of our appointment system include:

  • Appointment booking:
  • forward planning, optimizing the appointment schedule for each employee to maximise productivity while minimising costs such as travel or mismatched assignments.
  • Online appointment scheduling software:
  • our appointment scheduler systems are web-enabled allowing employee self-service access to the appointment database to view scheduled jobs or meetings or to enter details of actual work done, holidays, etc.
  • Mobile workforce appointment management:
  • MJC²'s mobile workforce software provides real-time communication with personnel in the field, scheduling appointments dynamically and updating calendars automatically.
  • Scheduling calendars:
  • the appointment planner automatically calculates the ideal schedule for staff and can integrate with standard calendar software to notify employees of future assignments.

Dynamic Appointment Software

Our appointment scheduler software can dynamically assign appointments to suitably qualified staff and automatically update schedules based on cancellations, delays, changing priorities, etc. When planning appointments the task planning program takes account of factors such as current location, location of each appointment, employee routing constraints, skills/experience required, priority/urgency, required materials, etc.

Remote synchronisation with central planning systems enables appointment calendars to be updated and controlled by managers or team leaders, ensuring visibility and cohesion across the operation. Real-time data links to document repositories, inventory/stock databases and reports provides the mobile worker with online information relevant to each task or appointment.


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