Appointment Scheduling

Mobile Workforce Appointment Scheduling

MOBi provides mobile workforce scheduling functionality for planning appointments and visits and allocating them to personnel.

For forward planning MOBi provides a real-time view of currently booked work and availability of staff. Decision support tools help the user to identify the best time and best person for new bookings, taking into account availability, location, required skills/training and customer service expectations.

In real-time mode MOBi receives updates from GPS tracking or smartphone systems about the location of employees and status of their work, and automatically replans jobs or visits if necessary, in response to last-minute changes or delays.

Dynamic Appointment Planning

Appointment Planning

Based on current requests from customers or expect work, MOBi allocates visits to personnel and optimizes the timing of each appointment (within agreed service windows), taking advantage of any flexibility to balance work fairly between staff and minimise travelling.

As new requests or changes occur, the plan is automatically re-optimized, ensuring that at any point in time there is an updated view of expected workload and available capacity.

Appointment Confirmation

At the agreed deadline/cut-off, the initial plan is published to personnel by integration with smartphone- or web-based employee self service software.

If required confirmation notifications can be sent automatically to customers by integration with legacy booking systems or text/email services.

Real-time Visibility Dashboard

During execution of the plan, progress can be monitored by capturing real-time updates from in-cab or smartphone-based software.

Summary-level statistics are presented in a live dashboard, while a detailed view of the schedule is available in the form of gantt charts, maps and exception reports.

Automated Re-Optimization

MOBi automatically reacts to significant deviations from plan, not only alerting planners and managers, but also re-allocating work to reduce the impact on cost and service.

The real-time rescheduling capability ensures that the plan remains as efficient as possible while minimising the risk of late arrival at customers or employees exceeding agreed hours.

Plan, Do, Review

Analysis tools allow comparison of planned vs actual KPIs, while detailed reports show actual timings of jobs and hours worked.

Integrated 'what-if' tools allow retrospective analysis of appointment schedules and allocations, for example to understand the impact of offering new services to customers or changes to employee working hours.

More Information

For more information please see our MOBi and ROCS mobile workforce planning systems and employee scheduling software.



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