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Automotive Supply Chain

Our planning and optimization software addresses the complex strategic and real-time problems faced by automotive manufacturing businesses who need to deliver high quality service to demanding customers while minimising costs and environmental impact.

MJC²'s optimization software covers all aspects of supply chain planning and logistics including manufacturing, distribution, demand forecasting, employee scheduling, inventory control and replenishment.

Automotive Logistics Planning

MJC²'s DISC system can automatically schedule automotive logistics networks, planning vehicles and parts deliveries, collections, interfactory movements, intermodal operations, etc.

REACT provides real-time tracking, scheduling and dispatching of distribution operations, enabling timely efficient response to operational issues and last-minute changes.

Manufacturing Scheduling

PIMSS can schedule automatically just-in-time vehicle manufacturing operations which need to respond quickly and efficiently to dynamic demand profiles and complex raw materials sourcing patterns.

MJC²'s manufacturing optimization toolsets provide integrated automotive software solutions delivering benefits such as increased production efficiency for vehicle manufacturing, better inventory utilization and spare part management, reduced lag times and increased customer service levels.

Our production planning tools can optimize at the strategic level (e.g. capacity planning, parts sourcing, supply network configuration) as well as at a detailed line level (job scheduling, labour assignment, dynamic rescheduling, employee planning) for operational scheduling.

Strategic Supply Chain Management

MJC²'s SLIM software enables optimization of the automotive supply chain, modelling complex logistics and manufacturing networks while improving communication between suppliers and maximising utilisation of resources.

Integration with our e-Stock (inventory optimization) and i-Data (forecasting) toolsets provides strategic capacity planning capability for the global automotive supply chain.



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