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Business Intelligence Solutions

MJC²'s business intelligence software tools provide analytic and performance management capabilities needed to meet the diverse and challenging requirements of global organisations.

Most business information collected and managed by large organisations is unstructured and difficult to process, so enterprise content management solutions are core to the efficient management of data and processes.

Our business intelligence systems provide the framework to organise metrics into coherent scorecards, enabling fast reporting and analysis of the main indicators and how they measure company performance.

Key areas of functionality include:

  • Performance Optimization and Monitoring
  • Real-time Analysis and Proactive Alerts
  • MIS Reporting and Dashboards

Performance Optimization

Our business intelligence systems allow organisations to use information and analysis to understand and manage business performance, identifying the right performance metrics and corresponding targets and reporting results in intuitive graphical displays and dashboards.

Our performance management toolsets enable mapping, analysis and improvement of business processes to increase efficiency and quality of service, including what-if scenario modelling for strategic and tactical decision-making.

MJC²'s business intelligence solutions provide an enterprise reporting platform to capture and integrate corporate and research data in real-time, create hierarchical dashboards, support deep dive analytics for strategic research and streamline meta data management.

Real-time Monitoring

MJC²'s real-time toolsets automatically monitor and report on real-time information such as sales, quality control data, laboratory sampling data, survey results, etc.

Our performance monitoring systems can automatically capture real-time data from sources such as IoT-enabled devices, mobile computers, laboratories, sales databases and EPOS systems, processing the incoming information and generating alerts if important or worrying patterns are identified.

Data processing algorithms can be configured to analyse and report on data according to specific operational requirements, ensuring that only important information is highlighted, while routine information can be summarised in periodic reports.

Decision support tools enable users to analyse the current state of the operation based on real-time data and to make informed decisions about how to react to trends or unexpected behaviour.

The configurable dashboard presents key indicators graphically, refreshed every minute and presenting statistics in a visual and intuitive format that allows fast access to important data.

MIS Reporting

MJC²'s reporting toolset provides a powerful and effective medium through which information can be transmitted and analysed.

Automated algorithms and business intelligence analysis tools create routine MIS reports and dashboards, as well as the production of strategic analyses and periodic reviews.

An advanced, intuitive, context-aware graphical interface provides the user with extended interactive capabilities including database querying, drill-down functionality and report configuration.



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