Clothing & Textiles Supply Chain

Textiles Supply Chain Optimization

The textile industry is characterised by a complex production network which spans many businesses and usually crosses international boundaries. In addition, sales are highly volatile and seasonal, and order fulfilment windows can be very tight. Good capacity planning, production scheduling, employee rostering, process control and inventory management are required for a profitable operation.

MJC² offers a new approach to this problem using our e-enabled manufacturing scheduling software. We use an integrated solution which spans stock balancing & inventory management, production planning and distribution scheduling. Our systems are ideally suited to complex supply chains in the textiles, clothing, garments and apparel industry.

Production Planning & Distribution

Flow of information between business partners, and the ability to respond to this information is vital in textile manufacturing and clothing logistics operations. Our inventory optimization toolset e-Stock uses internet-enabled technology to transfer orders or stock details automatically between business systems in remote sites. Production planning systems respond dynamically to new orders, adjusting clothing manufacturing schedules optimally and automatically creating requests for raw materials or transport resources, based on a synchronised distribution schedule.

Our approach ensures that there are no 'rough edges' or mismatches between production and distribution, and more importantly that customer demand is anticipated and met. Collaboration between business partners is facilitated by our replenishment optimization systems, allowing suppliers to manage customer stocks and replenishment orders, while customers have automatic access to product availability and lead-times.


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