Crop Monitoring Software

Cold Store Software

MJC²'s intelligent data processing software creates a powerful environment for monitoring, managing and optimizing cold stores and warehouses.

For organisations that manage 100,000s of tonnes held in distributed food stores it is vital that quality control data is regularly assessed and accurately analysed.

Our real-time analysis and decision support tools provide an integrated stored crop management software solution:

  • Automatic data capture from smart devices and sensors using Internet-of-Things (IoT) protocols and technology.
  • Real-time processing of very large datasets to identify and warn about unusual or worrying trends, using artificial intelligence.
  • Reporting on trends and patterns by variety, region, supplier, customer, etc.
  • Historical analysis and data mining capabilities.

Integrated demand planning, forecasting and supply chain optimization tools provide answers to questions like 'Which stock should be assigned to this order?', 'Which stores are showing potentially worrying behaviour?' or 'What is the projected availability for the next six months?'

Decision Support Solutions

MJC² recognises that each operation has its own business rules and requirements. Our data analysis tools are powerful enough to handle large datasets or highly complex processing rules and are flexible enough to model the business accurately:

  • User-specified variables, including quantitative and qualitative data.
  • Span the complete life cycle, from planting through to final processing.
  • User-defined algorithms and criteria to processing and optimization rules.
  • Manage stocks across regional, national and international geographical zones.

All our decision support systems are straightforward to use, driven by intuitive graphical interfaces with powerful tools to facilitate data entry and manipulation.

Information and results from analysis are presented in configurable graphs, charts, tables or reports as required. The underlying analysis and optimization tools are powerful enough to complete even highly complex queries and reports within seconds.



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