Same-day Delivery Scheduling & Optimization

Same-day Delivery Operations

The increasingly 'on demand' nature of consumer behaviour and its knock-on effect up the supply chain places a lot of pressure on logistics and delivery operations. MJC²'s logistics planning solutions can optimize same-day delivery operations at the real-time, tactical and strategic levels:

  • Automated allocation of deliveries to vehicles/drivers.
  • Positioning of vehicles at sites based on forecast demand.
  • Network planning and new site location/capacity.

The MJC² solution is designed for large, fast-moving operations which have to respond quickly to customer requirements, such as couriers or businesses which offer same-day delivery of food, medical supplies or automotive components.

Real-time Delivery Routing

MJC²'s DISC and REACT solutions provide real-time routing and scheduling functionality that can automatically optimize same-day delivery operations.

Multi-drop algorithms minimise distance travelled and hours worked while fulfilling customer orders, and enable real-time allocation of work to the most appropriate resource.

Collection operations and integrated delivery/collection routes are considered to maximise vehicle utilisation while minimising empty running.

The optimization algorithms take account of business constraints and rules such as time windows, vehicle type and capacity, driver hours and shift constraints, access restrictions and temperature control.

Integration with tracking and telematics solutions enables real-time view of routes, vehicle locations and job status on interactive maps and gantt charts.

Tactical Resource Allocation

Based on forecast demand and historical delivery patterns, DISC can be used to optimize the allocation of drivers and vehicles to sites and territories.

Integration with our ROCS shift planning and rostering solutions allows corresponding rotas and resourcing levels to be optimized.

This facilitates continuous improvement and refinement of the distribution of resources across the network, responding to seasonal variations and medium-term trends in demand. Integrated 'what-if' tools allow contingency plans to be developed to de-risk the operation.

Strategic Network Optimization

MJC²'s SLIM strategic logistics planning software optimizes the configuration and capacity distribution for same-day delivery networks.

SLIM is designed to answer questions such as 'Where should I build a new distribution centre?', 'What is the benefit of using micro-hubs for urban delivery operations?' or 'What is the impact of low emission zones on operational costs?'.

SLIM uses a detailed operational model for the optimization and analysis process, ensuring that outputs and KPIs are accurate and reliable. The combination of fast, powerful optimization algorithms with easy-to-use graphical display and analysis tools allows strategy planners and managers to quickly identify opportunities for long-term improvements and cost savings in the network.



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