Demand Led Rostering

Demand Led Rostering & Flexible Working

Demand led rostering delivers massive benefits in terms of increased efficiency and cost savings for the business. Coupled with a flexible working strategy it facilitates a win-win situation: staff are at work when needed but with flexibility to accommodate a good work-life balance.

Shift Pattern Optimization

Determining the best combination of shift patterns, allowing for complexities such as annualised hours, part-time, short shifts, split shifts and overtime rates, while also maintaining compliance with legal and contractual obligations is challenging. MJC²'s rostering software automatically calculates shift patterns based on forecast demand profiles, using flexibility where available to intelligently match resources against requirements.

Real-time Shift & Absence Management

Integration with time and attendance and HR systems allows dynamic optimization of the operation in response to demand variations and fluctuations. ROCS enables automatic rebalancing of workload and optimization of overtime, combined with intelligent use of annualised hours if available. This reduces the dependence on temporary staff and leads to a better, more balanced work profile for employees. Holiday and absence management tools allow managers to offer more flexibility to staff in terms of granting time off, while maintaining resourcing levels to match demand closely.


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