Distribution Management Software

Distribution Business Software

MJC²'s distribution business software provides strategic and operational planning tools for the management of large, complex networks. Applications of our distribution scheduling program include:

  • Logistics & distribution scheduling: operational planning of drivers and vehicles including load building, truck routing, warehouse assembly planning, delivery scheduling and reverse logistics optimization.
  • Real-time distribution management system: real-time delivery scheduling and haulage assignment for distributors of short shelf life or time-critical products.
  • Strategic logistics optimization: accurate what-if scenario modelling tools enable strategic planning of vehicles, drivers, warehouse employees and depots.

Our planning software can be used in a wide range of logistics operations and markets, including retail, foods, petroleum, bulk products, wholesale distribution, building materials, chilled/frozen products, liquids, palletised freight, etc. MJC²'s distribution management software tools have the flexibility to model all business rules and constraints and are fast enough to schedule and optimize even the most complex distribution system in seconds.


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