Integrated Logistics Management

Warehouse, Hub & Transport Scheduling

MJC²'s distribution scheduling software provides strategic and operational planning tools for the management of large, complex networks, integrating warehouse, hub and transport operations.

Typical applications include:

  • Parcel and Home Delivery networks require tight integration between van/truck movements for C&D and trunking operations and associated sortation and consolidation activity at main nodes.
  • Grocery and Supermarket distribution operations involve synchronisation of primary and secondary transport operations with multi-temperature warehouse activity.
  • Air Freight transport services operate under very tight timescales, with ground transport, cargo screening and loading activities compressed into a few hours in many cases.

Integrated Optimization

MJC²'s planning software can be used in a wide range of logistics operations and markets, including retail, foods, petroleum, bulk products, wholesale distribution, building materials, chilled/frozen products, liquids, palletised freight, etc.

The optimization algorithms are based on an integrated model which covers the end-to-end operation: transport, hub/warehouse activity, trunking/consolidation and last-mile delivery:

Vehicles and Drivers

Transport schedules are optimized using vehicle routing and backhaul scheduling algorithms which plan efficient movements while ensuring compatibility with associated activity at hubs and consolidation centres.

Vehicle and driver movements are planned taking into account throughput constraints and service level windows, while aiming for efficient use of drivers' hours with minimal waiting between jobs.

Yard and Door Scheduling

Our yard and door scheduling software optimizes shunting movements and docking activity, based on unloading rates/capacity and prioritisation of freight.

Cargo can be streamed based on type (e.g. sortable/non-sortable) and security status, and routed through appropriate channels while balancing overall workloads across the sortation facility.

Integration with in-cab units and trailer tracking solutions provides a real-time view of yard activity, including location of assets and status of jobs.

Sortation and Picking

MJC²'s scheduling software plans the flow of goods (at consignment level where required) through the sortation hub or warehouse, taking into account machine speeds, pick rates and storage capacity.

Warehouse assembly plans, laneing schedules and truck allocations can be generated automatically, for export to the warehouse management system if required.

This may include security procedures such as X-ray or other screening activity, or packaging and packing/loading tasks.

In strategic planning mode the software provides accurate what-if tools to enable optimization of shift patterns staffing levels, or to model scenarios such as increasing sortation capacity or taking on significant new volumes.



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