Field Service Management Software

Real-time Planning and Scheduling

MOBI is designed for managing and optimizing large workforces in real-time. Typical applications include:

  • Real-time job allocation: dynamic assignment of tasks to mobile employees based on location, skills, available hours, equipment constraints and service delivery windows.
  • Data capture & transmission: real-time availability of data to mobile workers and automatic updates of employee schedules and job status.
  • Workforce management: optimization of employee hours utilisation to ensure good use of paid hours while minimising overtime and following employment contract terms and working time directives.

Rota Creation and Demand Led Rostering

Our ROCS software provides shift planning and rostering functionality. For operations with a complex demand profile it can be very challenging to find the right balance of cover vs cost while also ensuring a good work-life balance for employees.

Roadside recovery operations, emergency services and engineering/utility businesses often have pronounced variations in demand, for example:

  • Seasonal: weather, bank holidays and other factors drive annual patterns.
  • Weekly: depending on the business/region (e.g.) Mon-Fri or Fri-Sun may be busiest.
  • Hourly: consumer behaviour and demand varies due to working hours and other factors.

Often it is necessary to use complex shift patterns and working practices to achieve good cover. For example: split shifts, varibale start times, annualised hours, overtime arrangements and resource sharing are commonly employed.

ROCS automatically generates long-term rotas and shift patterns, on a demand-led basis, but also taking into account working hours constraints and other business rules.

By optimizing cover and cost simultaneously the resulting schedules are robust to reasonable variances from forecast and ensure good service levels for the customer.



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