Container Logistics & Freight Software

Container Freight Software

MJC²'s freight planning and logistics management software provides strategic and real-time optimization functionality for multimodal freight logistics and container transport operations:

  • logistics scheduling - intermodal transport - inventory control
  • dispatch scheduling - traffic control systems
  • strategic logistics optimization - multi-modal freight
  • freight logistics optimization - container load software

MJC² provides integrated, configurable software solutions which plan and optimize all aspects of the maritime logistics network in real-time, including port operations, intermodal transport, haulier assignment, employee schedules, container repositioning and depot/terminal operations.

Container Logistics Optimization

Our intermodal logistics optimization solutions are capable of optimizing thousands of container movements in seconds, and can respond dynamically to real-time events such as delays, last-minute schedule changes, congestion, etc. Typical applications of our intermodal software include:

  • Transport optimization: hauliers, rail operators, feeder vessels and barges
  • Freight matching: combinations to save distance and reduce carbon footprint
  • Container load planning: optimize container load plans (int. cargo loading software)
  • Port & terminal management: optimization of port activity & terminal space utilisation
  • Container inventory planning: container loading optimization - reduce inventory levels
  • Strategic intermodal optimization: integrated supply chain planning & scheduling

Benefits of implementing our freight systems include reduced haulage costs, more efficient use and reuse of containers, increased adherence to schedule and more flexible customer service. Our port software optimization modules drive efficient operation in terminals and ports with reduced congestion and lower gate and container handling/storage costs.


Freight Dispatch & Shipping Software

Our real-time freight dispatch software enables dynamic planning of complex multi-modal logistics networks, optimizing thousands of movements/consignments in seconds, taking account of all operational constraints at terminals, ports, warehouses, depots, sortation centres and final delivery/collection locations. Our freight management software provides visibility across the operation, automatically rescheduling truck routes and container haulage movements dynamically while integrating with ports software systems to receive and transmit real-time information.

MJC²'s dynamic planning software can schedule and re-schedule haulage movements in real-time, receiving information such as location and transport order status to automatically update the transport schedule and re-issue it to hauliers, continuously optimizing the operation as the day evolves.


Strategic Intermodal Cargo Software

To achieve efficient use of the different transport modes on their own and in combination (co-modality), logistics operators need powerful tools to strategically manage networks, plan shipments and to control the implementation of such strategies and plans. MJC² provides sophisticated intermodal logistics optimization software which assists transport stakeholders in establishing common end-to-end planning of transportation processes.

MJC²'s strategic supply chain logistics management systems can model all the complexities of intermodal operations, including factors such as freight consolidation, trunking, changeover points and staging locations, fixed or variable timetables for rail, maritime, inland water and air freight movements, European corridors and freight highways, etc. Our logistics management software can schedule all aspects of the co-modal supply chain, including transport, terminal operations, employee availability, port activity, warehousing and driver scheduling.


Freight Forwarder Software

MJC²'s strategic planning software optimizes the assignment of work to haulage, shipping and transport suppliers, minimising costs while increasing flexibility and reducing response times. Our freight planning systems are designed for complex transport and logistics management problems, including intermodal operations, dynamic or fluctuating volumes, tightly constrained delivery networks and complex pricing models.

Our freight forwarding software tools offer an integrated cargo software solution which can be used both for operational consignment planning and for strategic optimization and freight broker price negotiation. Real-time integration with other corporate systems such as truck brokerage software, air freight broker software, cargo logistics software, container loading software or freight tracking software is straightforward.



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