Logistics Control Tower

Integrated Logistics Optimization

MJC²'s distribution & logistics software is designed for large, complex multi-depot networks, operating mixed vehicle fleets for multiple contracts and operations. DISC provides an integrated control tower optimization solution, capable of scheduling dynamically in response to daily variations in demand and resource availability.

Our real-time logistics dispatch solution REACT enables automatic tracking and re-optimization of the logistics operation during execution, including real-time visibility across the network and automated response to events such as delays, breakdowns and last-minute orders.

Benefits of implementing MJC²'s logistic planning software in a control tower environment include:

  • Automated logistics & distribution scheduling: optimization of drivers and vehicles: load building, truck routing, warehouse assembly planning, delivery scheduling, backhaul planning and haulier optimization.
  • Real-time transport scheduling: real-time scheduling and optimization in response to on-the-day events and issues.
  • Global visibility: centralised real-time visibility of the entire network.

Our planning software can be used in a wide range of logistics operations and markets, including retail, foods, petroleum, bulk products, wholesale distribution, building materials, chilled/frozen products, liquids, palletised freight, etc. MJC²'s distribution management software tools have the flexibility to model all business rules and constraints and are fast enough to schedule and optimize even the most complex distribution system in seconds.


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