Logistics Control Tower Solutions

Integrated Logistics Optimization

MJC²'s logistics and supply chain optimization software creates an integrated control tower solution that provides real-time visibility and centralised planning and optimization.

The required geographical scope and granularity of the solution may vary depending on the operation's requirements:

  • Global/International Supply Chains: logistics optimization, including multimodal scheduling and real-time visibility of consignments and inventory levels.
  • Integrated National Networks: planning and real-time scheduling of multi-depot operations, including consolidation and resource sharing.
  • Last-mile Delivery Operations: scheduling, including real-time view of vehicles and orders, as well as dynamic balancing based on capacity constraints.

Our planning software can be used in a wide range of logistics operations and markets, including retail, foods, petroleum, bulk products, parcels, building materials, chilled/frozen products, liquids, containerised and palletised freight.

Global/International Supply Chains

LARG+O provides visibility, optimization and resilience planning for international supply chains. Integration with container tracking, IoT-enabled sensors and GPS/AIS positional systems gives a real-time view of the location of goods in the supply chain.

MJC²'s synchromodal planning software uses real-time data about the status of shipments and corresponding vessels and vehicles to automatically update the logistics plan, taking into account priorities driven by customer requirements or inventory positions.

Real-time dashboards display the progress of consignments and projected inventory levels at main nodes and terminals, and what-if tools allow the planner to assess the impact of delays or other disruptions on service levels.

Integrated National Networks

DISC is designed for large, complex multi-depot networks, operating mixed vehicle fleets for multiple contracts and operations. The logistics scheduling functionality includes optimization of load building, truck routing, warehouse assembly planning, delivery scheduling, backhaul planning and haulier/driver allocations.

DISC provides an integrated control tower optimization solution, capable of scheduling dynamically in response to daily variations in demand and resource availability.

REACT enables automatic tracking and re-optimization of the logistics operation during execution, including real-time visibility across the network and automated response to events such as delays, breakdowns and last-minute orders.

Last-mile Delivery Operations

MJC²'s vehicle routing software schedules home delivery and last-mile operations in real-time, automatically updating in response to new orders and on-the-day issues.

REACT provides real-time visibility of multi-site operations, with dynamic allocation algorithms to balance load and resources across the network in response to same-day fluctuations in volume.

Analysis and reporting dashboards show the current status of the delivery operation, and artificial intelligence algorithms capture potentially problematic or suspicious deviations from plan, automatically notifying customer service or security managers if required.



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