Logistics Software Benefits

Logistics Software: Integrated Solutions

DISC provides a logistics optimization solution for planning large distribution networks, integrating operations and sharing resources to increase efficiency and vehicle utilisation:

Integrated Logistics

Reduced Empty Running

DISC integrates the scheduling of primary, secondary, trunking/linehaul and backhaul movements, creating efficient combinations of journeys that significantly reduce wasted travel.

Trailer/load fill is optimized simultaneously using multidrop/multicollect and vehicle routing algorithms, to further reduce total distance travelled.

Less mileage means less fuel and smaller carbon footprint, while for urban delivery operations in low emission zones, this effectively extends the range/capacity of electric vehicles.

Logistics Control Tower

DISC, combined with REACT, provides a real-time control tower solution for national or international logistics operations.

Integrated warehouse planning and dock scheduling algorithms optimize hub activity to reduce costs and increase throughput, balancing arrivals/loading profiles against available DC resources and picking/processing capacity.

Resource Optimization

Tackling Driver Shortage

REACT and DISC optimize the allocation of work to drivers, resulting in less overtime and agency costs, and effectively doing more useful work with the same available hours.

On a daily basis the optimization algorithms allow plans to be recalculated in seconds, dynamically reallocating work to the most suitable driver.

For strategic planning, future schedules and what-if scenarios can be analysed quickly and efficiently, linking with demand driven rostering where appropriate to generate cost-effective shift patterns and rotas.

Tractor & Trailer Utilisation

Similarly, the real-time allocation algorithms in REACT optimize the utilisation of vehicles and trailers, reducing idle time and therefore reducing the required fleet.

For multi-site operations the strategic planning tools allow fleet profiles by depot to be optimized against forecast demand, taking into account synergies with logistics partners and sharing of resources across networks.



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