Logistics Software

Logistics Software: Benefits

MJC²'s DISC logistics planning software delivers a number of important benefits to logistics and transport operations:

  • Reduced empty running
  • better combinations of journeys reduce wasted travel
  • Smaller CO2 footprint
  • less mileage means less fuel and smaller carbon footprint
  • Increased trailer fill
  • load and route optimization optimizes vehicle fills, enabling better use of your fleet
  • Driver hours balancing
  • better utilization of employee and driver hours - less overtime and agency costs
  • Daily replanning
  • fast optimization algorithms allow plans to be recalculated in seconds
  • Strategic optimization
  • future plans and what-if scenarios can be analysed quickly and efficiently
  • Integrated warehouse planning
  • optimize transport & warehouse activity: reduce costs and increase throughput

    DISC is a powerful and flexible logistics optimization package, easy to use and straightforward to integrate with existing business processes and systems. Our logistics planning tools are extremely cost effective and deliver a very fast ROI.


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