Carbon Footprint Reduction

Carbon Footprint Reduction for Logistics & Supply Chain

For logistics and transport operations every mile saved is a CO2 saving and a cost saving. MJC²'s green logistics optimization software enables complex operations to minimise distance travelled and reduce wasted or empty mileage through better planning and more efficient scheduling of resources.

The MJC² solution has proven carbon footprint reduction benefits in many different transport and logistics environments:

Container Logistics

Fewer empty movements, smaller carbon footprint, reduced transport costs.

Retail Distribution

Integrated primary & secondary logistics leading to reduced GHG emissions.

Bulk Logistics

Round-trips and backhauls leading to smaller carbon footprint and cost savings.

Mobile Workforce

Optimized job allocation, reducing CO2 emissions and driving resource efficiency.

Parcel & Postal

Linehaul/PUD optimization leading reduction of fuel usage and drivers hours.


Real-time planning in lean manufacturing operations, reducing waste and costs.

Our supply chain planning solutions are applicable to many industry sectors and are used by high-profile organisations around the World. We provide integrated solutions that span all planning timeframes, from long-term strategic optimization systems through to real-time dynamic scheduling software.


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