Manufacturing Scheduling Software

Manufacturing Scheduling Software: Benefits

MJC²'s manufacturing optimization software drives increased efficiency, capacity and flexibility in large scale production operations:

  • Resource utilization
  • better utilization of equipment and labour means increased capacity at no extra cost
  • Increased service level
  • increased flexibility, increased service levels, fewer stock-outs and faster response
  • Fewer changeovers
  • less downtime, better utilisation of machines, less cleaning and resetting of equipment
  • Less Overtime
  • better planning leads to reduced employee overtime and lower staffing costs
  • Less waste
  • less over-production and out-of-codes, more balanced inventory levels
  • Reduced inventory
  • more dynamic response controls inventory levels while improving availability
  • Smaller CO2 footprint
  • less waste and lower energy usage means reduced environmental impact
  • Forward planning
  • future plans and what-if scenarios can be analysed quickly and efficiently

Our production planning software is powerful, flexible and straightforward to use, and can be integrated easily with existing business processes and systems. Our manufacturing software is designed for large, complex operations that cannot be modelled with conventional scheduling packages.


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