Mobile Equipment Scheduling

Mobile Equipment Scheduling Software

MJC²'s resource planning software includes scheduling, optimization and reporting tools for managing mobile equipment and associated personnel. Typical applications of our workforce management tools include:

  • Equipment allocation: assignment of mobile assets to sites and events, taking into account customer orders/requirements, logistics, equipment suitability/compatibility, site constraints and staffing requirements.
  • Logistics planning: operational and real-time planning of driver and vehicle movements to position equipment correctly while making best use of resources.
  • Personnel scheduling: integrated planning of staff allocations to operate or maintain equipment, taking into account training, availability, location and team requirements.
  • Strategic optimization: long-term planning and optimization of equipment utilisation and workforce based on forecast/anticipated workloads.
  • Workflow management: integration with smartphone and laptop systems for real-time communication with field workers.

Our mobile equipment scheduling software is applicable to many industry sectors and markets, such as healthcare, outdoor broadcast, construction, surveying, utilities and public sector. The systems can operate in real-time, dynamically updating the plan in response to last-minute changes, or in tactical and strategic mode for forward planning of resource utilisation.


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