Petroleum Supply Chain

Petroleum Supply Chain Optimization

MJC² offers a range of powerful software solutions which address the optimization of oil & gas and petroleum transportation, distribution and manufacturing. The use of advanced algorithms which can take account of industry-specific rules has allowed us to implement our software in large, complex operations where speed of scheduling and ease of use are paramount.

Our software systems are designed to optimize the performance of the operation in terms of customer service, delivery schedules, resource utilisation, distribution costs, storage costs and inventory management.

Typical applications include scheduling of fuel deliveries, optimization of refining and production operations, petroleum supply chain planning and inventory optimization.

Petroleum Distribution Planning and Vehicle Routing

DISC allows complex, multi-depot (or multi-terminal) petroleum logistics operations to be modelled accurately and quickly, while integration with e-Stock enables stocks to be managed and optimized along the supply chain from source right through to customer or retail outlet.

Daily allocation of orders and volumes to terminals based on price and distribution costs can be optimized with SLIM. For highly dynamic environments, in which the demands on the petroleum distribution process change on a minute-by-minute basis, SLIM and DISC provide the ability to react quickly to events such as last minute customer orders, cancellations and breakdowns.

Integration with REACT allows real-time replanning of petroleum transport based on information such as vehicle positions (from GPS or other vehicle tracking systems) and current order status.

Manufacturing Scheduling and Inventory Planning

MJC²'s manufacturing software PIMSS allows complex production and processing lines to be scheduled and optimized.

Focusing on balancing stocking levels against customer orders and projected demands, it allows the smoothing and optimization of production capacities and labour profiles while improving manufacturing service levels and order fulfilment.

PIMSS provides master production scheduling, capacity planning, employee scheduling and manufacturing execution capabilities.

Strategic Supply Chain Planning

MJC²'s toolsets can be used for strategic level planning and optimization of manufacturing and distribution operations. SLIM can be used to balance sourcing profiles and resource allocation to terminals and depots, or to assist with negotiation of contracts with suppliers and hauliers.

SLIM includes AI-driven pricing strategy tools which model the behaviour of competitors to determine local and global pricing policy for petrol stations or retail outlets, and can be used to make long-term planning decisions such as the location and capacity of manufacturing sites and depots.



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