Process Automation Software

Process Optimization Software

MJC²'s process planning software is designed for large production and manufacturing operations which need to manage complex processing lines and facilities. Our manufacturing process optimization tools include:

  • Advanced process control: real-time planning of manufacturing operations taking account of feedback from production control (e.g. SCADA), process automation software and inventory management systems.
  • Process planning software: automated scheduling of manufacturing lines and factories, keeping stock levels within defined limits while optimizing production capacity and throughput.
  • Capacity planning: strategic forward planning of production and related process control to assess long-term throughput and availability profiles along the supply chain.
  • Process scheduling: modelling and production process optimization to improve employee efficiency and customer service levels.

Our process control software is applicable to all large manufacturing operations, particularly those which produce high-turnover or short shelf life goods. The planning tools can model complex multi-stage (and multi-site) automated processes and inter-linking lines.


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